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Residential Mail Slot Mailboxes – 3 Advantages

March 26, 2019
A residential mail slot mailbox, also known as letter slot mailbox, is typically installed into a home’s front exterior door or as a through-the-wall mail slot. For homeowners who enjoy walk-up mail delivery, the residential mail slot vs mailbox question… View Article

How to Buy and Install A Mail Slot Mailbox

December 9, 2014
For homes with walk-up delivery, mail slots are among the most convenient mail delivery options available. This article is a great primer for buying and installing mail slot mailboxes.

5 Types of Mail Slot Mailboxes: An Overview

May 22, 2012
Mail slot mailboxes provide a simple solution to securing one’s mail and are available in five various models for door or wall installation; from The MailboxWorks.

The Skinny on Mail Slot Mailboxes

January 10, 2012
While the term “mail slots” may be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications, the most popular use of the term describes a mail slot in one’s wall or door whereby the postal carrier may deliver one’s mail.