5 Types of Mail Slot Mailboxes for your Home

May 22, 2012

Florence Letter Drop Mail SlotOne of the most secure Residential Mailboxes in the marketplace today is also the simplest; the mail slot mailbox (or letter slot mailbox as it is also known).  A simple design, simple function, and simple daily use make this installation-ready, secure residential mailbox a favorite for communities where the mail carrier walks the route.   The ability to receive mail directly into one’s home through a door or wall mail slot makes the mail slot mailbox a time-honored favorite of many communities.

Before purchasing a mail slot mailbox, one must consider the standards set by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  USPS regulations state that mail slots or letter slot mailboxes must have at least 1 ½” x 7” openings for mail delivery and be installed at least 30” above the floor.  Horizontally mounted mail slots must have a flap that is hinged at the top of the mail slot mailbox.  Vertically mounted mail slots must be hinged on the opposite side of the door’s hinge.

The MailboxWorks carries five different styles of mail slots (or letter slot mailboxes) and all five styles meet and exceed USPS regulations including:

  1. Aluminum Letter Slot Mailbox with Optional Liner
  2. Stainless Steel Mail Slots by European Home
  3. Streetscape Executive Mail Slot Mailboxes
  4. Stainless Steel Letter Plate by European Home
  5. Letter Slot Mailbox with Locking Collection Box

1. Aluminum Letter Slot with Optional Liner

The MailboxWorks’ Florence manufactured aluminum letter slot mailboxes are constructed with lightweight, durable extruded aluminum which is scratch, chip, and stain resistant.  The stylish yet simple look is set off with a beveled exterior frame.   The mail slot hinged door can be custom engraved with one’s home address number, one’s last name, with US MAIL, or simply left blank.

Aluminum mail slot mailboxes have spring hinges to ensure easy opening and they are insulated mail slots, lined with weather-stripping to ensure air-conditioned air inside the home stays inside. The Florence mail slot mailboxes for doors are available in ten easily maintained powder coat finishes to complement one’s home.  These Florence aluminum mail slots are available with optional liners and back plate frames to ensure a complete finish on the inside of the door.

European Home Letter Plate Mail Slot2. Stainless Steel Mail Slots by European Home

The European Home Mail Slots for doors serve up a stunning, highly contemporary look and can even be utilized for office exterior use.  Designed to accommodate larger mail packages, these large mail slots measure four inches in height by thirteen inches in length and are crafted by professional artisans in corrosion-resistant stainless steel.  The satin-brushed finish on each large mail slot is scratch resistant.   The European Home stainless steel wall mount mail slot and the door mount mail slot both feature an interior rear plate, plus fitting hardware is standard with each purchase.

3. Streetscape Executive Mail Slots

For unique, one-of-a-kind mail slot mailboxes consider The MailboxWorks’ Streetscape Executive Mail Slots.  These mail slots have a vintage look without questionable quality.  These mail slot mailboxes are hand-welded with bar stock and heavy gauge brass sheets in a stunning patchwork style.  The oversized mail slot measures four inches in height by eleven inches in length and will accommodate high-volume mail delivery.  The natural brass finish patinas to a beautiful dark color and is ready to install with an interior solid brass chute.

These Streetscape mail slot mailboxes are available with optional matching brass numbers that provide a dimensional and attractive look for the mail slot’s front door.  The brass numbers are hand-welded to the front door slot virtually guaranteeing that the letters will never peel off.

4. European Home Stainless Steel Letter Plate

In addition to The MailboxWorks’ European Home manufactured stainless steel mail slot mailboxes, this Belgium-based manufacturer also produces luxury quality “Galaxy” letter plates.  These professionally finished letter plates are more than twice the thickness of the European Home mail slots and are constructed of a 2 mm marine grade stainless steel.

These contemporary letter slot mailboxes are finished in either a polished smooth look or a satin-brushed finish.  These high-quality letter plates are available with a three inch high by eleven and two-third inch wide door or a three and three-quarter inch high by fifteen and seven-twelfths wide door.  An optional matching rear plate is available for a completely finished look on the inside of the door.

5. Letter Slot with Locking Collection Box

For homeowners or business owners who want to secure the mail on the inside of the door or wall, residential mail slots with locking interior mail collection boxes are also available.  Constructed by The MailboxWorks’ Florence manufacturing team, these locking Letter Drop Collection Boxes are made with the same high-quality manufacturing process and durable aluminum materials as USPS-approved commercial mailboxes.

The mail carrier simply drops the daily mail through the mail slot door and it falls into a locked collection box on the other side of the wall or door.   Additionally, these locking collection boxes have a wall liner chute that adjusts to fit walls from five to twelve inches thick and the spring-hinged door swings open easily to fit standard-sized envelopes.  The letter slot door may be left unengraved or can be engraved with US MAIL upon it.  Letter slots with locking collection boxes come in eleven powder coat finishes that are available to compliment one’s home accessories.

Upgrade Your Mail Experience with Residential Mail Slots

For homeowners looking to combine elegance, convenience, and security in their mail delivery system, residential mail slots present a perfect solution. These fixtures offer a seamless way to receive mail directly into your home, eliminating the need for an external mailbox and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your entrance. Designed to meet various architectural styles and preferences, mail slots ensure your mail is safely delivered to your doorstep. Choosing a mail slot for your residence means opting for a blend of functionality and style. Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one, incorporating a mail slot into your entryway is a smart move towards a more sophisticated and efficient mail delivery system.

Discover our selection of stylish and secure residential mail slots at Mailbox Works. Our range is designed to cater to diverse tastes and home designs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your mail delivery needs. Enhance your home’s mail system with a residential mail slot.

Visit our website or contact us at 1-866-717-4943 for assistance in selecting the ideal mail slot for your home. Explore Residential Mail Slots | Contact Us for More Information.

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