Commercial & Residential Mailbox Buying Guide

Whether you are a homeowner looking to buy a residential mailbox for home mail delivery, or you are purchasing commercial mailboxes for a development, university, business complex, or homeowners association, this mailbox buying guide will tell you what you need to know about the residential and commercial mailboxes you are purchasing.

Residential Mailboxes

Walk Up or Curbside Mail Delivery?

Walk Up Mail Delivery – If the postal carrier delivers your mail right to your door you might want to consider buying a wall mount mailbox or a mailbox slot (through wall or door mailbox slot). Many wall mount mailboxes can be purchased with or without locks (and/or newspaper holders).

Curbside Mail Delivery – For rural or curbside mail delivery you should consider buying a post mount, column mount, or a pedestal locking mailbox. Some post mount mailboxes are ground mounted (installed into concrete) while others are surface mounted (bolted to an existing concrete base). You can also buy just the mailbox post, just the mailbox on its own, or purchase a mailbox and post package.

Secure Locking Mailboxes

In order to prevent mail or identity theft, we recommend you buy a locking mailbox (or buy a mailbox insert if the home mailbox you purchase doesn’t come with a secure lock). Locking mailboxes are essential if you happen to run a home based business and receive lots of mail. Many of our home mailboxes are also available without a lock, if that is your preference.

Choosing Home Mailbox Style & Color

Mailbox Style – Depending on your tastes and your home’s architecture, residential mailboxes can be purchased in a wide variety of styles. From buying an antique looking pedestal and wall mount home mailbox to buying a vintage looking Victorian style mailbox or the more modern looking stainless steel mailbox, The MailboxWorks carries them all. We even offer a wide variety of novelty mailboxes, plus copper, brass, and wooden mailboxes for sale.

Mailbox Finish – Depending on the mailbox type, there are a myriad of color choices to choose from. A good guideline is to try and match your mailbox finish to some accent on your house. For example, if you have nickel hardware then a good match would be to buy a satin nickel mailbox. If you have green shutters then a green mailbox finish might be a good match.

When installing your residential mailbox, be sure your installation conforms to USPS mailbox guidelines.

Commercial Mailboxes

How is your mail being delivered?

USPS Postal Service Delivery – If the postal carrier is delivering the mail, all of the commercial mailboxes we carry come prepped to install a USPS postal lock. The USPS Standard 4C regulation (STD-4C) requires that all new construction (or major renovation projects) install USPS approved 4C horizontal mailboxes.

Private Mail Distribution – With the commercial mailboxes we carry, you also have the option to add a private master lock if your mail will be delivered through private distribution. Buying private distribution mailboxes is common for areas like colleges, universities, and government complexes.

How will your new mailbox be installed?

Surface Mounted – For indoor mail delivery, such as apartment buildings and business complexes that have a lot of tenants, the commercial mailboxes can be surface mounted onto a wall.

Recessed Mounted – If someone within the building will be in charge of distributing the mail from a private mailroom, such as in a university, college, or government building, buy commercial mailboxes that can be recessed into a wall with rear access from a secure room.

Pedestal Mounted – Pedestal mounted commercial mailboxes are ideal for up to 16 tenants and can be installed either indoors or outdoors. They are common in many apartment and business complexes.

What kind and how many tenant mailboxes will you need?

Number of Tenant Doors – This may be the biggest question of all since the number of tenants will determine really what your commercial mailbox options are. Not only should you be aware of how many doors you will need, but also how much space you have to put that amount of doors in.

Door Numbering or Engraving – Another thing to consider is the type of door numbering you would like to have. Buying commercial mailboxes with custom tenant door numbering is available, including adding address tags, or the numbering can be engraved into the doors.

Door Sizes – With commercial mailboxes, there are a variety of door sizes and compartment configurations that will allow you to have total customization of your final product. Door sizes are important if the tenant receives a lot of magazines or small packages.

Buy Mailboxes Online or from Our Showroom

If you are in the Chicago Illinois area, please visit our MailboxWorks mailbox showroom at 151-1743 Quincy Avenue in Naperville and one of our mailbox experts can help you find what you need.

Along with commercial and residential mailboxes we also offer a wide selection of mailbox address plaques and house numbers as well as home and garden products.

For additional mailbox buying guidelines or if you have a question, please call our mailbox experts toll free at 1-800-824-9985 or send us an email. We can also be reached through our online contact form.

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