Commercial Mailboxes: CBU, 4C Horizontal, Apartment

Commercial Mailboxes

MailboxWorks’ catalog of mailboxes includes an impressive selection of USPS approved high security commercial mailboxes. These cluster mailboxes are designed for use in office buildings, commercial building, and industrial properties. They can also be found in universities, colleges, condos, multi-tenant apartments, and in urban subdivisions with centralized mail delivery systems. Auth Florence commercial mailboxes meet or exceed US Postal Service standards. They can also be used for either USPS delivery or Private mail delivery.

Commercial Mailbox Applications

In October of 2006 the Standard−4C Regulation went into effect. The regulation stipulates that any post mounted or wall mount commercial mailboxes that are installed as part of a major renovation or new construction, must meet the Standard 4C requirements for security and accessibility. These include both indoor and outdoor cluster mailbox installations.

This regulation applies to any 4C or CBU centralized mail delivery system.

Front Loading Mailboxes

USPS approved front loading 4C mailboxes are a convenient and secure method for mail delivery. These commercial mailbox units can be wall mounted, recessed into a wall, or mounted on an outdoor pedestal or shelter. Consider Standard-4C compliant front loading commercial mailboxes during your renovation project or as the most secure option for private mail delivery.

Rear Loading Mailboxes

Commercial mailboxes with rear loading capabilities offer additional security for mail delivery. This is especially true for private mail distribution since access to all mailbox compartments at once is only available from a separate secure room. Florence rear loading mailboxes also feature heavy gauge aluminum and steel construction, and secure tenant mailbox locks to further deter mail theft and identify theft.

**Note: USPS specifies that 4C rear loading mailboxes be installed in a secure room that restricts public access.

Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes

Designed to prevent mail theft and fraud, USPS approved horizontal mailboxes include 4C horizontal mailboxes for postal distribution and private mail distribution. MailboxWorks offers the best prices online for these 4C commercial mailboxes as well as commercial mailbox accessories including mailbox shelters and key keepers.

Commercial Apartment Mailboxes

Auth Florence manufactures free standing, pedestal, commercial cluster box units (CBU mailboxes) for outdoor mail delivery services. As well, The MailboxWorks carries both recessed and surface mounted 4C horizontal mailboxes for indoor apartment mail delivery services. These commercial mailbox solutions can also be used at any University or College, or wherever centralized mail delivery requires a secure mailbox unit. Florence apartment vertical mailboxes are also available as replacement mailboxes in multi-tenant buildings and apartment complexes.

Note: Secure commercial apartment mailboxes have also been utilized in military and government complexes.

Ask Us About Auth Florence Commercial Mailboxes

When it comes to being the best in commercial mailboxes, Auth Florence Manufacturing has been around for more than a century. Florence Manufacturing is North America’s number one manufacturer of mailboxes for centralized mail delivery systems. Florence also manufactures mini storage lockers and cell phone storage lockers.

The MailboxWorks is a proud distributor of Auth Florence commercial CBU mailboxes, 4C mailboxes, and Horizontal and University mailboxes. We also carry any mailbox accessories you may need including drop collection boxes.

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