About Us: the MailboxWorks

Our History

Founded in 1989 in Chicago, IL, The MailboxWorks began in a modest storefront shop with only a handful of employees. Buying a hand-picked mailbox from specialists with a neighborly handshake quickly became more popular than purchasing a cookie-cutter mailbox from a big box store. Over the next almost thirty years, and with the success of the dawn of the internet and e-sales, The MailboxWorks remains standing today as one of the industry’s leading mailbox retailers.

In March of 2018, The MailboxWorks came under new ownership. The new ownership team is made up of industry experts with over ten years of sales and customer service experience. While the ownership has changed, The MailboxWorks’ integrity has not. Despite our growth, we are committed to serving each of our customers with the same neighborly warmth they received at the original storefront shop. We constantly strive to hone our expertise to provide our customers with the specialized care and hand-picked product they deserve.

Our Products

We offer both residential mailboxes and commercial mailboxes at competitive prices. Our company has strong relationships with top name brands such as Whitehall, Gaines, Architectural Mailboxes, Imperial, Auth-Florence, Salsbury, and more. You can view our full list of brands here.

In addition to mailboxes, The MailboxWorks carries address plaques, house numbers, and house letters. We also have a large selection of home and garden décor products. From mailboxes to weathervanes, we have a variety of colors, designs, and styles. Add that personal touch by customizing your purchase. You are sure to find the perfect item in the perfect style to fit you and your home or business.

What Defines Us

The MailboxWorks is a team of mailbox experts who help customers with a broad range of needs. From the simplest mailbox upgrade to the large-scale residential development project, we have specialists ready to help you with anything.

The MailboxWorks is one of the nation’s largest online retailers for homeowners, builders, and HOAs alike. Our highly trained experts are here to answer your questions. Please contact us for help with ordering or for more information about any of our products. We can’t wait to serve you!