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Rustic Mailboxes

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Rustic Mailboxes

Rustic, vintage, or farmhouse. All of these adjectives describe a popular and timeless style. Bring the style of your home all the way down to your curbside with this collection of Rustic Mailboxes!

What do you picture when you hear the word rustic? We see naturally aged metals, hammered finishes, and beautiful post styles. The MailboxWorks also ensures that the products we carry only look rustic. The mailboxes in this collection are well built and will last you for years to come.

Rural USPS Requirements

Generally, rural mailboxes are isolated from view and are installed along a roadside far from your home. In these kinds of rural settings, the USPS requires that the mailbox location be approved by the Postal Service. The unit must also be installed on the right-hand side of the road.

Some rural mailbox installations may require extra space for mail and other packages. If you don’t access your mailbox every day, you’ll want this feature to ensure there is adequate room for your mail and that it is held securely.

Mailbox Security

When choosing a mailbox for open areas, the security of your mail can also be a major consideration. Your mail is deposited at a location often out of sight. Therefore, protection from theft and vandalism is an important consideration when choosing a mailbox. Locking mailboxes offer the benefits of a strong and secure mailbox plus the ability to reflect your personal style with decorative options.

Rustic Mailbox Makers

Streetscape, Special Lite, and QualArc are three companies that meet the above expectations. Streetscape carries locking and non-locking brass mailboxes. Their post-mounted brass mailboxes come in a vintage trunk shape. They also make brass recessed mailboxes, brass wall slots, as well as wall-mounted mailboxes.

Special Lite carries locking and non-locking mailboxes. These mailboxes may have a traditional design, but their variety of color finishes give our customers the choice of rustic colors.

Be sure to check out the mailboxes also made by QualArc, Still River, and more! Let the MailboxWorks help you find the perfect rustic mailbox to fit your home.