Whitehall Outdoor Garden Sundials

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Whitehall Sun And Moon Sundial$82.67free shipping
Whitehall Dragonfly Sundial$63.72free shipping
Whitehall Golfer Sundial$63.72free shipping
Whitehall Sun Clock Sundial$82.67free shipping
Whitehall Frog Sundial$63.72free shipping
Whitehall Loon Sundial Birdbath$63.72free shipping
Whitehall Sunny Hours Sundial$48.67free shipping
Whitehall Day Sailor Sundial$48.67free shipping
Whitehall Hummingbird Sundial$48.67free shipping
Whitehall Butterfly Sundial$48.67free shipping
Whitehall Loon Sundial$82.67free shipping


Bring some Greek to your garden with ancient garden sundials that tell the time of day by the position of the sun. Our Whitehall garden sundials will survive the test of time with weather-resistant finishes that stand up to any climate conditions. Choose from a variety of decorative garden sundial designs including sun and moon, dragonfly, golfer sundial, frog, loon, hummingbird, the perpetual calendar, sailors, butterflies, and more.

We also offer sundial birdbath combinations featuring hummingbirds, fishing and frogs. Each sundial is made from rust-free recycled aluminum and comes in three beautiful paint finishes: Copper Verdi, French Bronze and Oil Rub Bronze. These sundial garden décor can be placed directly in your garden, in the soil, or mounted to the optional roman pedestal base.

Browse our extensive collection of Whitehall garden sundials for sale below or contact our service staff at 1-800-824-9985 for assistance ordering. Be sure to also check out the rest of our bronze and copper home and garden accessories to go along with your sundial, including garden rain chains!