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Cluster Mailboxes for Sale - USPS Approved CBU Mailboxes

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Salsbury 8 Door Cluster Mailbox 3308 Product Image

SalsburySalsbury 8 Door Cluster Mailbox 3308

6 Available Colors

$2,279.00+ free shipping
Salsbury 12 Door Cluster Mailbox 3312 Product Image

SalsburySalsbury 12 Door Cluster Mailbox 3312

6 Available Colors

$2,319.00+ free shipping
Salsbury 13 Door Cluster Mailbox 3313 Product Image

SalsburySalsbury 13 Door Cluster Mailbox 3313

6 Available Colors

$2,379.00+ free shipping
Salsbury 16 Door Cluster Mailbox 3316 Product Image

SalsburySalsbury 16 Door Cluster Mailbox 3316

6 Available Colors

$2,399.00+ free shipping
Florence CBU Cluster Mailbox – 2 Parcel Lockers Product Image

FlorenceFlorence CBU Cluster Mailbox – 2 Parcel Lockers

4 Available Colors

$1,899.00+ free shipping
Florence CBU Cluster Mailbox – 4 Parcel Lockers Product Image

FlorenceFlorence CBU Cluster Mailbox – 4 Parcel Lockers

4 Available Colors

+ free shipping

Cluster Mailbox Features

Florence Cluster Mailboxes are the most durable, high-quality USPS-approved outdoor CBU mailboxes on the market. They always meet or go above USPS standards. The Florence F-series cluster box units have been licensed by the USPS as the “design standard” that other commercial mailbox makers must follow.

High-Security Cluster Mailboxes

To protect your mail as well as fight identity theft, Florence Manufacturing designed all multi-tenant mailbox systems with the following high-security standards:

  • Tamper-proof – anti-pry construction with no removable parts on the outside of the CBU mailbox
  • Weatherproof – front drip edge and sloping roofline to protect against rain and inclement weather
  • Robotically welded – for added precision and strength
  • Industrial grade aluminum construction – made from tough aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Heavy-duty cam locks – that are tamper-proof and latch through the mailbox frame
  • Tough anti-fish comb – helps prevent mail fishing
  • The sloping hood on the outgoing mail slot – helps to prevent mail theft

Five Year Product Warranty

Florence Manufacturing offers a 5-year Product Warranty on all Florence CBUs. The warranty covers any issues with work or materials. For more details, please see our CBU Product Warranty PDF file.

CBU Mailboxes are USPS Approved

As of 2005, USPS-approved Florence CBUs have become the industry standard for outdoor centralized mail delivery. Although CBUs offer better security, we recommend checking with your local postmaster to confirm the CBU mailbox location before it is installed.

Once it is installed, the USPS will also need to be contacted to have them put in the master lock for the main access door. Only the USPS can install master locks, and only they will have access to the master lock keys. Florence Manufacturing is the only authorized mailbox supplier to the United States Postal Service.

Heavy-Duty Cam Locks

Each tenant mailbox on the Florence CBU mailbox unit has a heavy-duty, 5-pin stainless steel cam lock plus three tenant mailbox keys. The cam lock also has a rain shield to protect it from rain and other bad weather. Extra tenant mailbox keys and replacement locks can be ordered online on our replacement parts page.

Tenant Mailboxes Large Enough for Magazines & Small Packages

The wider compartment size on each tenant mailbox is now a USPS standard. Compartments were made to be wide enough to let larger envelopes, magazines, and small packages lie flat without being folded.

Parcel Lockers Included

USPS regulations now require all mailbox clusters with ten or more tenant doors to have at least one parcel locker. See our CBU FAQs for more information on how these parcel lockers work.

Other Florence Cluster Mailbox Features

Finished in a durable powder coat, all Florence CBUs are made with reinforced steel. They also have overlapping, interlocking seams and aircraft-grade aluminum builds to be sure your mail stays safe and protected from would-be mail thieves. For private mail distribution or any application that does not use US Postal Service, our CBUs can be ordered with a private master lock and outgoing mail slot.

Other unique CBU mailbox features include:

  • Sloped mailbox top for water drainage
  • Tight seam clearances to prevent prying
  • Adhesive (or engraved) door numbering
  • Outgoing mail slot with weather protection hood
  • Parcel lockers with key trapping lock
  • Outgoing mail collection compartment (prepped for USPS Arrow Lock)
  • Heavy-duty tenant cam locks with three keys per mailbox
  • Matching aluminum mailbox pedestal (included)
  • Aluminum comb to prevent mail fishing in the outgoing mail collection compartment
  • Heavy-duty cam latched through the frame for added security

Ask us about USPS-approved, vandal-proof, secure CBUs with reinforced pedestal fasteners. These are ideal for use as government or military centralized mail distribution systems.

View MailboxWorks Video On CBU Mailbox Features

Cluster Mailbox Options

Tenant Door ID Options

Ask us about tenant door decals or custom engraving! Standard tenant doors come with stick-on decals with black lettering. For custom engraved decals, check the product options or give us a call.

Color Options

Although sandstone is the most popular color, Florence CBUs can be ordered from The Mailboxworks in four different color options. These include dark bronze, black, postal grey, and sandstone. These also feature a tough powder coat finish.

CBU Mailbox Applications

Who Buys Cluster Mailboxes?

Install these multi-unit mailboxes wherever outdoor centralized mail delivery is required, including:

  • Apartments
  • College and Universities
  • Homeowners Association (HOA mailboxes)
  • Small businesses
  • Government and Military facilities
  • Commercial properties

Converting your Cluster Mailbox for Private Mail Delivery

Use Florence CBUs for “Private Mail Delivery Service.” If you need to convert an existing CBU, private use requires a Florence Mailbox Conversion Kit. The kit will let your company access the CBU mailbox master door for private mail distribution.

If purchasing for Private Use, please choose the Private Use option on the product page or give us a call for help.

4C and Bommer Pedestal NDCBUs

4C pedestal mailboxes have been discontinued, along with NDCBUs from Bommer Industries. Please click on the link for more details.

CBU Mailbox Installation

Pedestal Designed for Easy Installation

CBU mailboxes are designed for installation on a pedestal. The pedestal is packaged separately. The aluminum CBU pedestal comes fully assembled and includes mounting hardware.

Installation Guidelines

Install CBU cluster box mailboxes on new concrete or an existing concrete base. See our installation guide! Once the pedestal mailboxes are installed, you will need to contact USPS to put in the main access door master arrow lock, as well as the capture locks on the parcel lockers.

How to Order a CBU Mailbox

Choosing the right Cluster Mailbox

We can help you choose the right CBU mailbox and accessories for your needs. Open a chat with us or call our mailbox experts toll free today! The most popular standard CBU mailbox units we carry are all USPS approved and include:

  • 8 Tenant Doors
  • 12 Tenant Doors
  • 13 Tenant Doors
  • 16 Tenant Doors

You can also order these with various accessory kits, all available in four different finishes:

  1. Vogue Traditional Accessory Kit
  2. Vogue Classic Accessory Kit
  3. Decorative Stucco Column

The Vogue Traditional and Vogue Classic mailbox accessory kits come with roof caps and ball finials, plus decorative post columns post base, and your choice of four door-numbering options. These CBU mailbox hardware accessories are made from 100% die-cast aluminum, come in all standard finishes, and do not require any changes for installation.

Quantity Discount Pricing

All CBU mailboxes are already discounted from the manufacturer’s recommended list price. However, we also offer quantity discount pricing on CBU orders between 2 – 5 units. We have even better pricing on six or more units! Do you need a quote? Submit one here.

CBU Mailbox Replacement Parts

We offer a selection of CBU replacement parts. These include replacement locks, key blanks, replacement cams, mailbox number decals, outgoing mail decals, mounting hardware, and replacement doors.

Shipping Lead Time

Free shipping is included on most purchases unless it is stated otherwise or unless the cart calculates shipping with your selected items. To make delivery times faster, all CBU orders are shipped straight from the manufacturer using carrier delivery. Standard cluster mailbox orders will generally ship in 3-5 business days with a delivery time of 5-7 business days, depending on where you are located. Custom orders will generally ship within 1 to 2 weeks with an estimated delivery time of 5-7 business days.

Quantity Discounts on CBU Commercial Mailboxes

We offer bulk discounts when you order two or more of these units at once. Please fill out our quote request form or contact our mailbox experts directly. Call The MailboxWorks Toll Free or open a chat today!

Note: The product description content on this page has been paraphrased and reposted with the permission of Budget Mailboxes.