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Modern Mailboxes

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We here at The Mailbox Works know that our customers want long-lasting products. But if your design style is contemporary, how do you stay up-to-the-minute with an item that should last you twenty plus years? We have great options for modern mailboxes that solve this problem.

Stainless steel is often chosen as the building material by many of these manufacturers. This is due to its uncanny self-healing ability. If the surface is scratched or lightly damaged, the metal reacts with oxygen and/or water. Subsequently, it reforms its protective layer. It’s as if small blemishes have been erased!

European Home makes mail slots as well as locking mailboxes. You have the option of a wall or free-standing mount. Modern and minimalist homeowners alike love to choose from these designs.

Knobloch Mailboxes’ offers products made from galvanized stainless steel. All postboxes in this collection come with a locking mechanism and are crafted with durability in mind.

Not only are Ecco Mailboxes of high-quality, but they also have a classy modern style. This wall mount mailbox never dulls. It comes in two sizes, a few different finishes, and has an optional shelf-style newspaper holder.

Do you like bold colors? Bobi Mailboxes’ modern mailbox line hosts bright color finishes. Each of these locking postboxes is made with durable stainless steel, or zinc-plated steel coated with weather-resistant polyurethane. Choose from a wall-mounted mailbox or a post-mounted mailbox. You could also mix and match the mailbox and mailbox stand colors for an edgier look!

Not only do we feature all of the brands above, but we also carry Architectural Mailboxes, Spira, Blomus, and more. Let The MailboxWorks help you find your new modern mailbox!