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Address Plaques, Signs & House Numbers

We offer a selection of custom and personalized address plaques and numbers. Clear, well-marked plaques for homes make beautiful additions to any house, entrance, or yard. These products have more than just curb appeal. They also add style to your home.

Address numbers help make your home a safer place. They make it easy for emergency staff to find your address. Service providers and delivery people also like well-positioned and visible address numbers.

Whether you need house numbers and letters, wall plaques, lawn markers, or hanging address signs, we have what you need. Also, you can customize them to make a unique look for your home or lawn.

We have the most common sizes and shapes. Check out our pick of round, oval, vertical, square, and rectangle signs. For improved visibility, we also have hanging, reflective, and lighted address markers.

Home Address Numbers

Do you prefer individual house numbers for your address? You can choose from small, large, and oversized in a variety of unique colors. We have ceramic, copper, and stainless steel by big brands like Majestic, HouseArt, and Ecco.

Unique Address Plaques

Emergency address signs are fixed to your mailbox. They make your house easy to find by police, ambulance, fire, and delivery people. The MailboxWorks has a wide range of decorative home address plaques in many styles, colors, shapes, and finishes. Therefore, it is easy to find one to suit your house décor and your personal taste!

We also customize decorative plaques to better suit your needs. Whether you need a hanging address plaque or a lawn address sign, you will find it at the MailboxWorks.

We have Whitehall address numbers plus illuminated address signs and vertical plaques. In addition to these, we also have hanging plaques for your yard or lawn, ceramic, and stone plaques. The choices are endless! Let us personalize a decorative address plaque for you!

Lawn Address Plaques

Lawn markers have always been popular choices. While lawn plaques are commonly used for commercial properties and high-density housing complexes, more and more residential homeowners pick lawn plaques for home accenting.

Two-sided lawn plaques can be personalized. They may also be mounted or hung.

Hanging Address Plaques

Similar to our lawn markers, you can buy two-sided hanging plaques in many colors and finish combinations. They are also available for post mount or may be mounted on any flat surface. All our address plaques are highly durable and are protected with weather-resistant finishes.

MailboxWorks also has a lot of decorative hanging plaques with unique hanging brackets. For example, our Harley Davidson hanging address plaque has a great personality to it!

Vertical Address Plaques

Finding the best place to hang your home address plaque may mean buying a vertical address plaque.

You can have these products customized as well. We carry a lot of unique designs, including illuminated vertical plaques. Vertical plaques are perfect for installation on mailbox posts, pillars, or columns.

Illuminated Address Plaques

Another classy option that adds instant curb appeal is a lighted address plaque. The address numbers are lit from behind, making them highly visible from the street.

Illuminated and reflective plaques are great for helping people locate your house after dark. This includes emergency help!

Illuminated plaques may be simple and elegant, or they may have elaborately carved embellishments. Many of them are wired directly into a standard doorbell transformer. However, some come with the option of hardwiring or a transformer for a standard plug.

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Make an ordinary house feel more like an exceptional home with a unique address plaque. At MailboxWorks, we have the perfect selection of plaques for newer and older homes.

The MailboxWorks is one of North America’s leading online sources for lawn markers and home address signs. We have a selection of aluminum plaques that ship in as little as four days if you are in a hurry. Plus, we carry a wide selection of “Private Property,” “No Trespassing,” and other statement and memorial plaques. Contact us today for help!

Please note: We cannot accept returns for plaques after they have been made or shipped by the manufacturer. This is because plaques are considered customized products. Please review our Return Policy before customizing and purchasing.