Perfect Spots for House Numbers: Boost Your Curb Appeal

December 20, 2021

Ensuring your home or business has prominently displayed house numbers is not just a practical necessity; it’s a legal requirement in many areas. These numbers do more than guide visitors or service providers to your door; they’re also a simple and cost-effective way to enhance the visual charm of your property. House address numbers are almost always required by law. So if you are looking to update your house numbers, be sure to contact your local municipality to confirm their regulations first. Anything outside of those rules is fair game. Have fun with it! Here are our tips for where to place house numbers on your home or business.

1. Size

When it comes to how high to hang your house numbers, the general rule of thumb is to mount them between 4.5′ and 5.5′ off the ground. Most towns will have guidelines about the size of your house numbers. If yours does not, you still need to be sure you can see your house numbers from the street. Measure the distance of your house number placement to the curb in front of your house. Our guide below will help you figure out what size house numbers you should be looking for.

Majestic Noble Address House Numbers Installed
Choose a number size based on how far they will be from the street.

0-69′ – 3″ House Numbers

70-11′ – 4″ House Numbers

111-132′ – 5″ House Numbers

133-160′ – 6″ House Numbers

161-300′ – 8″ House Numbers

301-385′ – 10″ House Numbers

2. Visibility

Your house numbers should always be on the side of your home that faces the road. If you cannot see your home from the road, house numbers need to be on your mailbox. You can also use a house number sign.

You should also be sure that you can see the numbers from any angle. To test this, have someone hold your new house numbers or temporarily place the numbers where you are thinking of hanging them. Walk past your house as close to the street as you can safely get and keep your eyes on the house numbers. If you can keep them in your field of vision the whole time you are walking by, you have a great house number location! If at some point the numbers cannot be seen from behind a tree, pillar, or another object, you may need to do some more troubleshooting.

Think about how your house numbers will be seen at night as well. You may want to hang your address near a porch light. If your address numbers will not be by an outdoor light, we have illuminated address plaque options. Almost all of our address plaques and house numbers come with the option of adding a solar lamp to your order. That is an easy way to keep your address visible at all times.

3. Contrast and Display

Making sure people can see your address at any angle is the most important thing to consider when buying new house numbers. You can boost that visibility even more with contrasting colors and displaying your address in an eye-catching way.

Majestic Silver Noble House Numbers Installed
Use light-colored numbers on a dark background.

For example, if you are hanging address numbers on white siding, check out a darker-toned address plaque or look for dark house numbers. On the other hand, a dark-colored background will require lighter-colored address numbers. If you are placing house numbers on brick, we suggest looking at an address plaque to be sure the numbers themselves do not blend in too much with the brick’s texture and color. All of the rules mentioned above apply if you are thinking about placing address numbers on a mailbox, sign, or any other location that is not your house. You can get creative with your address display too. Vertical address plaques are an easy way to give your display some flair. Think about putting address numbers on a decorative boulder, wooden sign, planter box, fence post, and more!

4. Design and Style

How you choose to display your address plaque or house numbers should complement the design of your home and your style. Do not let it completely dictate which address numbers you choose. The beauty of design is its flexibility. However, it should be considered. You certainly do not want ultra-modern house numbers on an antique farmhouse. And it would look out of place to mount antique bronze house numbers on a pallet sign hung on a stucco column mailbox.

Ask the Experts

If all of this puzzles you, ask us for help with where to place house numbers! We carry a large selection of address plaques, house numbers, yard signs, and more. We are happy to help you find exactly what you need. The experts at Mailboxworks are here for you. Contact us with any questions today.


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