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Shop Our Selection of Residential Mailboxes for Sale

Here, you will find one of the largest online selections of residential mailboxes for sale. Our inventory includes residential post-mount mailboxes, which you can order with or without a post. We also offer wall mounts, locking, novelty, mail slots, stainless steel, and various decorative posts. Please don’t hesitate to shop our selection or call us today. Depending on your particular taste, you’ll find that our inventory includes a custom mailbox for every home.

Curbside and Wall Mount Residential Mailboxes

Your residential mailbox provides an excellent first impression of your home for your neighborhood. We categorize our selection by each mailbox mounting application:

  • Post Mount Mailboxes
  • Wall Mount Mailboxes
  • Mailbox Slots (door and through wall mail slots)
  • Column Mount Mailboxes

Once you or your HOA determines the mounting your mailbox requires, you can choose yours from the variety of styles and features we list in each category. Please feel free to call or open a chat to speak with one of our product experts if you need help finding a particular brand or style.

Post Mount Mailboxes

Decorative residential mailboxes and post packages place your unique style on your home’s exterior decor. They are a popular choice for today’s homeowners. Mailboxes are often visible to the public, and the quality of your mailbox can make an essential statement about your home. Many materials, finishes, textures, and colors are available when choosing a decorative mailbox for your home. Some of our custom mailboxes for sale have options to make your mailbox completely unique.

If you are looking for a post-mount mailbox for curbside mail delivery, our selection will have the perfect mailbox for your home. Many of our mailbox and post packages have options that let you build a custom mailbox to enhance your curb appeal.

Wall Mount Mailboxes

Wall mount mailboxes are another one of the most common types of residential mailboxes. Often, your mailbox is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. For homes that receive walk-up mail, it is essential to have a decorative mailbox showing the outward look you want your home to represent. Many design material options are available for these mailboxes, including stainless steelcast aluminum, and solid brass. Depending upon your selected material, you may also have your mailbox finished with different types of coatings, including copper, antique copper, brass, bronze, pewter black, or satin nickel.

Mailbox Slots

Mail slots have to be the most convenient type of mail delivery system. Not only do you receive walk-up mail delivery, but you also never have to go outside to get your mail! Mail is deposited directly into your home or business. Choose from three beautiful styles here.

Column Mount Mailboxes

A decorative column mount mailbox is a beautiful addition to your curb appeal. Column mount mailboxes are designed to be installed into stucco, brick, or as a stand-alone column mailbox. Many column-mount mailboxes have a locking mailbox option and front or rear access for retrieving your mail.

What to Consider When You Buy a Residential Mailbox

We recommend that you or your HOA consider these three factors when buying mailboxes for residential installation:

  1. Features – You can buy a mailbox with unique features like address panels and lockbox inserts.
  2. Style and Finish – You can also choose from many styles and finishes to complement your home, from a classic Victorian finish to the sleek lines of a modern stainless steel mailbox.
  3. Accessories – Often, purchasing a stunning mailbox and placing it on an old post does not make sense. Nor would you want to attach an unsightly orange plastic newspaper holder to your curbside or wall-mount mailbox. You can choose an appropriate post, newspaper holder, post finial, post cuff, and other accessories while configuring your mailbox, ensuring you create a consistent look for the entire ensemble (or if purchasing for your neighborhood, throughout the community).

Additional Note for Homeowners Associations and Builders

MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading distributor of commercial and multi-family mailboxes for residential use. We serve homeowners associations (HOAs) and home builders and provide expert advice for optimal results and competitive mailbox quotes.

Note: You can often save on installation and equipment costs by purchasing a multi-mount installation (where you mount several mailboxes to one post for multiple tenants).

Have questions? Ask Us.

We are here for you. As the nation’s largest online retailer for residential mailboxes, we have helped homeowners, builders, and HOAs since 1989.

For free expert assistance in choosing the perfect product for your home, open a chat, call us, or email our residential mailbox experts. We are here to help!

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Check out this residential curbside mailbox selection for more options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Residential Mailbox?

A residential mailbox is a mail receptacle for private homes, available in various styles such as wall-mounted, post-mounted, and standalone units. These mailboxes not only serve a functional purpose but also reflect the homeowner's style and complement the house's exterior.

What Types of Residential Mailboxes Do You Offer?

Our collection of residential mailboxes caters to a variety of mounting applications, ensuring that you find the perfect mailbox to complement your home's exterior. Our selection includes:

Post Mount Mailboxes: These are popular for curbside mail delivery, offering a range of decorative styles and features. You can choose from many materials, finishes, and colors to create a custom mailbox that enhances your curb appeal.

Wall Mount Mailboxes: Ideal for homes with walk-up mail delivery, these mailboxes make a significant first impression. Available in materials like stainless steel, cast aluminum, and solid brass, they come in finishes such as copper, antique copper, brass, bronze, pewter black, or satin nickel to match your home’s style.

Mailbox Slots: For the ultimate convenience in mail delivery, our mail slots allow for mail to be deposited directly into your home or business. We offer three stylish designs to choose from.

Column Mount Mailboxes: These are designed for stucco, brick, or standalone installations. Many of our column-mount mailboxes come with a locking option and can be accessed from the front or rear for added convenience.

What Are the Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Residential Mailbox?

When purchasing a residential mailbox, it's important to consider the following three factors:

Features: Choose features like address panels and lockbox inserts for functionality and style.

Style and Finish: Select a style and finish that complements your home, from Victorian to modern stainless steel.

Accessories: Pair your mailbox with matching accessories like posts and newspaper holders for a cohesive look.

Can MailboxWorks Assist Homeowners Associations and Builders with Residential Mailbox Selection?

Yes, MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading distributor of commercial and multi-family mailboxes for residential use. We offer expert advice to homeowners associations and builders for optimal results and competitive mailbox quotes. For multi-tenant installations, you can save on installation and equipment costs by choosing a multi-mount installation.
How Can I Get Assistance or More Information About Residential Mailboxes?
For any questions or guidance in selecting the perfect residential mailbox, feel free to contact us. As the nation’s largest online retailer for residential mailboxes, we've been assisting homeowners, builders, and HOAs since 1989. Our team is available to help via chat, phone, or email. Additionally, we encourage you to explore other mailbox stores we recommend.

How Do I Open My Residential Tenant Mailbox and How Does It Work?

The method to open standard curbside and wall-mounted mailboxes varies, from lifting a latch to using a key for locked models. In cluster mailbox settings, a specific tenant key is required. These mailboxes, serving as secure collection points, are designed for easy postal access. Locking types have a mail slot to ensure security until unlocked.

What is the Standard Size of a Residential Mailbox?

The USPS specifies that a curbside mailbox should be at least 6 1/8 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 15 inches long. Wall-mounted mailboxes need to comfortably accommodate regular mail, larger envelopes, and magazines.

What is the Standard Size of a Residential Mailbox and USPS Regulations?

The USPS mandates that a curbside mailbox should be at least 6 1/8 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 15 inches long. Wall-mounted mailboxes should comfortably fit regular mail and larger items. Placement must allow safe, convenient carrier access, typically on the road's right-hand side, with the mailbox 41 to 45 inches from the road surface. Additionally, attaching items like signs or decorations to a mailbox or its post is not allowed.

Where Can I Buy Residential Mailboxes Online?

You can find a variety of residential mailboxes online at stores like The Mailbox Works, Budget Mailboxes, and Mailbox Depot USA. Ensure the mailbox complies with USPS size, height, and placement regulations.

How Do I Replace My Mailbox?

To replace your mailbox, first remove the old one carefully. Prepare and position your new post, ensuring it is leveled and secured. Finally, attach your new mailbox to the post or wall as per the manufacturer's instructions, keeping in mind USPS regulations regarding placement and size.