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Residential Mailboxes for Sale

Here you will find one of the largest online selections of residential mailboxes for sale. Our inventory includes residential post mount mailboxes, which you can order with or without a post. We also offer wall mount, locking, novelty, mail slots, stainless steel, and various decorative posts. Shop our selection or give us a call today.

Curbside and Wall Mount Residential Mailboxes

Your residential mailbox provides an excellent first impression of your home for your neighborhood. We categorize our selection by each mailbox mounting application:

  • Post Mount Mailboxes
  • Wall Mount Mailboxes
  • Mailbox Slots (door and through wall mail slots)
  • Column Mount Mailboxes

Once you or your HOA determines the mounting your mailbox requires, you can choose yours from the variety of styles and features we list in each of our categories. Call or open a chat to speak with one of our product experts if you need help finding a particular brand or style.

What to Consider When You Buy a Residential Mailbox

We recommend that you or your HOA consider these three factors when buying mailboxes for residential installation:

  1. Features – You can buy a mailbox with a variety of unique features such as address panels and locking mailbox inserts.
  2. Style and Finish – You can also choose from a myriad of styles and finishes to complement your home, from a classic Victorian finish to the sleek lines of a modern stainless steel mailbox.
  3. Accessories – Often, it does not make sense to purchase a stunning mailbox and then place it on an old post. Nor would you want to attach an unsightly orange plastic newspaper holder to your curbside or wall mount mailbox. You can choose an appropriate post, newspaper holder, post finial, post cuff, and other accessories while configuring your mailbox, ensuring you create a consistent look for the entire ensemble (or if purchasing for your neighborhood, throughout the community).

Additional Note for Homeowners Associations and Builders

MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading distributor of commercial mailboxes and multi-family mailboxes for residential use. We serve homeowners associations (HOAs) and home builders and provide expert advice for optimal results and competitive mailbox quotes.

Note: you can often save on installation costs and equipment costs by purchasing a multi-mount installation (where you mount several mailboxes to one post for multiple tenants).

Have questions? Ask Us.

We are here for you. As the nation’s largest online retailer for residential mailboxes, we have helped homeowners, builders, and HOAs since 1989.

For free expert assistance in choosing the perfect product for your home, open a chat, call us, or email our residential mailbox experts. We are here to help!

Residential Mailbox FAQs

Post Mount FAQ

What is a residential post-mount mailbox?

Designed for roadside mail delivery and known as a “curbside” mailbox, this is the most common setup. You can choose locking or non-locking, and mount on a post set in the ground or set in concrete. You may also bolt some curbside mailbox posts to a concrete base.

How deep does the mailbox post have to be in the ground?

As a general rule, installers should dig the hole for your mailbox post at least 20 inches deep. You can use fast set concrete to help make the post more secure. In some cases, installers can bolt mailbox posts to a pre-formed concrete base.

What is a column insert mailbox?

Column mailboxes are also generally designed for roadside (curbside) mail delivery. Instead of mounting on a post, you would install the locking or non-locking mailbox insert within a pre-built or custom-built masonry column.

Does it matter which side of the road I place my post mount mailbox?

As a general rule, you should install a residential post mount mailbox on the same side of the street as the delivery address. You could also install your post on the opposite side of the road if that is in keeping with the mail delivery route’s direction. Contact your local Post Office for more info, if needed.

How far does a mailbox have to be in from the road?

When installed, your post mount mailbox’s door should be no more than 6 to 8 inches away from the curb.

How high does a mailbox have to be from the surface of the road?

Install your post mount mailbox so that the mailbox’s bottom surface is within 41 to 45 inches from the road’s surface. Visit this USPS Mailbox Guidelines page for information on installing a new mailbox.

Does a residential mailbox need to have the full home address on it?

We recommend showing your address numbers on the mailbox or post. Adding an address is helpful; add your full home address if you intend to install your mailbox on the street’s opposite side.

How big does the mailbox address have to be?

Your mailbox address numbers should be at least 1 inch tall.

Where on the residential mailbox should the address be located?

In general, you should install your address numbers on the front door and on the same side as the mailbox flag.

Wall Mount Mailboxes FAQ

What is a wall mount mailbox?

Wall mailboxes are for homeowners who receive walk-up mail delivery. Customers usually mount these mailboxes on a wall near the home’s entrance.

How high should a wall mount mailbox be installed?

You should install your wall mailbox near your home’s entrance. Whether the mailman will access your mailbox from the front steps, the sidewalk, or your front porch’s landing, it must be within easy reach for your mail carrier.

Do I need to have my address on the wall mount mailbox?

Although you are not required to show your address on your wall mailbox, we recommend installing near your home address numbers or plaque.

General Residential Mailboxes FAQ

Can I move my mailbox location?

Before moving your mailbox location, we highly recommend that you contact your local postmaster for approval. See here for more details.

How much do residential mailboxes cost?

Prices can vary depending on your preferences and can range anywhere from less than $30 up to hundreds of dollars.

Do I legally have to have a mailbox?

No, but we recommend it if you wish to receive mail.

Should I get a locking mailbox?

Although you are not required to buy a locking mailbox, we do highly recommend them to prevent mail theft.

What is the mailbox flag?

Here is a fun fact: although not in general use anymore, the mail carrier once relied on the mailbox flag to signal the recipient of delivered mail. Now, residents use the flag to alert the postal carrier of outgoing mail.

Can I receive packages in my mailbox?

With online shopping becoming ever more popular, the postal service now handles a lot more package deliveries. Also, more people work from home now than in times past. Today, many homeowners are upgrading to large mailboxes or secure drop boxes for residential use.

Do you still have questions? Find answers to more frequently asked questions on our Mailbox FAQ page. To speak with a mailbox professional, please call Toll-Free 1-866-717-4943.