Tips on How to Choose A Mailbox

February 15, 2019 1:38 pm

Do you know how to choose a mailbox to meet all of your needs?

The last few decades have been life altering for most of us. Online shopping, working from home, or running a home-based business is now the norm for many. As well, the threat of identity theft and mail theft continues to be a major problem.

Whether you are moving into a new home or it’s time to update your old mailbox, here are some tips on how to choose a mailbox for home.

Residential Mailbox Types

Most mailbox types are available in a wide selection of colors allowing plenty of options to match your home’s décor.

Wall Mounted MailboxesIf you are one of the lucky few that still enjoys walk up mail delivery then a wall mount mailbox may be what you need. They can be non-locking or locking wall mount mailboxes, and some are available with an optional newspaper holder. Knobloch Hollywood Red Wall Mount Mailbox

Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox Streetside Package

Mail SlotsFor walk up mail delivery a mail slot offers added security since your mail can be deposited right inside your home. Mail slots can be installed through a door or through a wall.
Post Mount Roadside Mailboxes – Curbside mail delivery is still quite popular. Mailbox and post packages can also be non-locking or locking mailboxes. Other options may include a newspaper holder, address plaques, or mailbox lettering in a variety of sizes and styles. See our earlier blog on Tips for Choosing A Mailbox Post.
Column Mount MailboxesThese are also roadside mailboxes, which are designed to be securely recessed into a column. The column can be made from concrete, stucco, or other materials and can be designed to match your home’s décor.
Large Locking MailboxesWith online ordering and so many home-based businesses, many homeowners now require a large mailbox that can securely handle a lot of mail plus envelopes and small packages.

How to Choose a Mailbox; Residential Style

Every home has its own distinct look and style. There are a lot of residential mailbox styles to choose from today including, among others:

Vintage Style Mailboxes Contemporary or Modern Mailbox Designs
Wooden Mailboxes Bronze Mailboxes
Aluminum Mailboxes Copper Mailboxes
Decorative Mailboxes Novelty Mailboxes

Choose a mailbox style that best suits your home’s décor, your interests, or your personality.

The MailboxWorks also carries a wide selection of mailbox replacement parts and accessories such as house numbers and letters and mailbox address plaques. Check out our selection of lighted address signs including reflective house numbers and illuminated or lighted lawn markers.

This Citipost Mail article offers some interesting thoughts on the Future of Mailing.

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