Address Plaques, Signs & House Numbers

We offer a huge selection of custom and personalized house address plaques and numbers, including brass and cast aluminum address signs.

Whether you need house numbers and letters, wall address plaques, lawn markers, or hanging address signs, we have what you need. Also, you can customize them to create a unique and distinctive look for your home or lawn. You can also buy from top brands like Whitehall, Gaines, Qualarc, Stone Mill, and Majestic.

For specification info, please visit this USPS FAQ page for information on proper Address Identification.

Plaque Shapes & Sizes

We offer the most common sizes and shapes. Check out our selection of round, oval, vertical, square, and rectangle signs. For improved visibility, we also carry hanging, reflective, and lighted address markers.

Home Address Numbers

If you prefer individual house numbers for your address, you can choose from small, large, and oversized in a variety of unique finishes. And for material, we carry ceramic, copper, and stainless steel by major brands like Majestic, HouseArt, Laguna, and Ecco.

Specialty Address Plaques

Emergency address signs are easily mounted to your mailbox to make your house easy to find by police, ambulance, fire, and even delivery personnel. If you have any questions about this category of products, please reach out to us.

About Us

The MailboxWorks is North America’s leading online source for everything mailboxes, including lawn markers and home address signs.

If you are in a hurry, we also have a selection of aluminum plaques that ship in as little as four days. Plus, we carry a wide selection of Private Property, No Trespassing, and other statement and memorial plaques.

Please note: since plaques are considered customized products, in some cases, we cannot accept returns for plaques after they have been made and shipped by the manufacturer. Please review our Return Policy before customizing and purchasing.

For assistance in ordering any of MailboxWorks’ address plaques, lawn markers, or hanging address signs, please call us or use the “Chat” feature on our website.