Secure Commercial Key Keepers for Sale

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Key Keepers

Lockable Key Keepers replace the need to carry heavy key rings and are the most secure way to grant postal service access to commercial mailboxes or access to private mailboxes in apartment residences or office buildings. Key Keepers work in accordance with United States Postal Service laws and come ready for postal lock installation to grant carriers access to deliver mail.

Commercial Auth Florence Key Keeper Applications

Key Keepers are suitable for all apartment, condominium, or office buildings with customizable features such as:

Surface Mounting Collars
Twenty Inch Retractable Key Reel
9 Color Options for a Unique Finish

Auth Florence Key Keepers for Postal or Private Use

The MailboxWorks offers Key Keepers for use for Post Office Access or Private Mailbox Access:

Postal Use Key Keepers come equipped with an opening for a USPS specified postal lock or access to a key to the door.

Private Use Key Keepers come equipped with a 5 pin cam lock with the option to connect to the electronic door entry system.

Order Commercial Key Keepers at MailboxWorks

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