CBU Mailbox Installation

CBU Pedestal Designed for Easy Installation

Note: Before installing a cluster mailbox, be sure to review the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for the concrete pad specs and other related details for USPS requirements.

Florence cluster mailboxes are specifically designed for installation on a pedestal, which is packaged separately. The aluminum pedestal comes fully assembled and includes mounting hardware except for anchor bolts, which you can purchase from us or from your local hardware store.

CBU Installation Guidelines

CBU mailboxes can be installed on new concrete or an existing concrete base. See our installation guide. Once the CBUs are installed, it will be necessary to contact the United States Postal Service. Only the USPS can install the main access door master arrow lock and the capture locks on the parcel lockers. Note: the USPS typically does not charge for this service, as it is required in order to deliver mail to the units.

After you install your new cluster mailbox, please check the individual tenant door keys included with your mailbox to ensure they all work. (Not sure where to find your keys? See this blog article.)

Also, it may be a good idea to place the yellow Important Notice sticker on the outgoing mail door, directly over the arrow lock hole, so that no one tampers with the mailbox before the USPS arrives to install the arrow lock.