Mail Slots and Through Wall Mailboxes

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Mail Slots and Through Wall Mailboxes

For people who cannot get to an outside mailbox, a door or wall mail slot could be a better option. Horizontal mail slot mailboxes are relatively cheap and can be installed on doors or through a wall. They are easily accessible and provide a very safe way to receive your mail while remaining in the comfort of your home. Through wall mailbox slots are rated for indoor as well as outdoor use. You are sure to find the perfect finish to go with your home! We have painted aluminum slots, brass mail slots, or stainless steel slots.

Mail Slots

Shop here for unique mail slots, mail drops, and wall mount letter slots made for use as residential mailboxes. Letter slots are often bought for their simplicity and safety. But there are differences between these mailboxes, as outlined below.

Wall Mount Letter Slots

Residential mail slots fit snugly into a horizontal slot in your door or outside wall. This snug fit provides a weather-resistant flap over the slot that functions as the mail delivery receptacle. If you need an exterior finish only, the Streetscape Executive mail slot provides a front flap and mail chute. This chute lets mail slide through the door or wall. If you are worried about the indoor finishes of the mail chute, we have a solution! The stainless steel mail slot and stainless steel letter plate have a rear plate that dresses up the incoming mail chute.

Size of Mail Slot Mailboxes

You may want to consider the size of the mail slot you want to buy to be sure that you can fit larger mail through it, such as magazines or small parcels. Be sure to also think about where you will be putting the mail slot. You will want to confirm space and height requirements that will work for both you and your mail carrier.

Generally, mail slot mailboxes are safer than regular non-locking wall mount or curbside mailboxes. To avoid mail passed through a mail slot falling to the floor, you can buy mail slot accessories. These accessories include a mail slot basket or the Auth Florence mail slot with a collection box.

Letter Slot & Locking Collection Box

Letter slots with a locking collection box system and package receiving wall mount systems take mail collection one step further. They provide keyed-only access for mail collection. The letter slot with a locking wall mount collection box has a standard size mail slot on the exterior wall. However, it has a large interior collection box on the inside. These are great mailbox options for wall mount mailboxes and mail drop installations.

Through Wall Mailboxes

Through the wall residential mailboxes are used for both indoor and outdoor mailbox uses. Both applications add convenience to secure after-hour mail delivery plus packages, key returns, and more. Below is a general overview of the through the wall mailbox options available at The MailboxWorks.

Indoor Florence Thru the Wall Mailbox Box Slot

Where rain and other harsh elements are not an issue, choose Florence through the wall mailbox slots. Florence has been manufacturing commercial and residential mailboxes since 1934 and now offers several indoor through wall mailbox options including a basic US Mail slot. Florence also makes a mailbox slot with a locking collection box for secure pickup plus a Hopper dropbox for book and video returns.

Outdoor QualArc Locking Thru the Wall Mailbox

Made to look like a residential mailbox from the outside, QualArc’s decorative locking through the wall mailbox is durable and lightweight. Suitable for outdoor use and sealed against the weather, the back mailbox panel has a dial lock for secure mail pickup. Choose from two great wall mount mailbox styles: Stucco-U or Dune-U.

Outdoor Streetscape Thru the Wall Mailbox Slot

The Streetscape Executive Wall Mount mailbox slot is handcrafted in the USA and is a true work of art. It comes with optional address numbers. It also ships ready to install on the front door of your home.

Outdoor dVault Thru the Wall Mailbox System

The dVault locking wall mount mailbox is perfect for receiving packages when you are not home or when your business is closed. dVault mailboxes are placed between wall studs or can be installed on the optional bottom hold for an unobtrusive look. The bottom keyed-lock hold features a ViewPort to see when items are deposited.

Order Mail Slots and Through Wall Mailboxes Online

Mail slots and through-the-wall mailboxes are handy, secure solutions for mail delivery. Talk to our mailbox experts at MailboxWorks about personalizing your mail slot mailbox. Let us custom engrave “U.S. Mail”, your address, or your name on your mail slot!

No matter which through wall mailbox or mailbox slot you choose, you can feel assured when you purchase from The MailboxWorks, the nation’s largest mailbox retailer. Since 1989 The MailboxWorks has been helping homeowners just like you choose the perfect mailbox.

For expert assistance choosing the right product, please click the live assistance icon in the top right corner of our website. You can purchase mail slot mailboxes online or Contact MailboxWorks or directly.