Choosing the Right Residential Mailbox Post

April 13, 2016

Special Lite Main Street Mailbox PostAs proud homeowners who still receive walk up mail delivery, most of us understand the vital first impression that our post mount mailboxes project to our community and guests.

We grasp that a high-end mailbox ought to sit upon a first-class mailbox post, as it’s not just the mailbox that matters, but also the presentation – the entire residential mailbox and post combo package.

Matching the Post to Your Mailbox

The first thing to consider is the manner in which the mailbox mounts to the post.

  • Manufacturer’s Recommended Post – If you are purchasing a new mailbox, you can simply select the mailbox post that the manufacturer recommends. For instance, you can purchase a Keystone mailbox post or an Oasis mailbox post, if either is the brand of mailbox you wish to own.
  • Mailbox Replacement Post – If you are purchasing a mailbox replacement post for an existing mailbox, check out our listings at The MailboxWorks to see if your mailbox has a specific post upon which it must be mounted.
  • Universal Decorative Mailbox Post – If your mailbox doesn’t need to be mounted to a specific mailbox post then most likely it can be mounted on one of MailboxWorks’ universal decorative mailbox posts.

Setting A Residential Mailbox Post – No Dig or In-Ground

Another consideration to be decided upon is the manner in which the mailbox post attaches to the ground.

  • In-Ground Mailbox Post – In-ground posts can be driven beneath the surface.  Many in ground mailbox posts also offer bases that cover up the otherwise unsightly concrete work that holds the residential mailbox post upright.
  • No Dig Mailbox Post – Surface mount mailbox posts are simply mounted (bolted) to a concrete footing without being driven beneath the surface of the ground.

Top Mount, Arm Mount or Side Mount Posts

Another consideration is to decide whether you desire your residential mailbox to be mounted to an arm protruding from the vertical mailbox post, from the side of the mailbox post, or mounted on the top of the mailbox post.

  • Arm-mounted mailbox posts offer the opportunity to mount a newspaper holder beneath them and allow the mail carrier (or you) to easily drive up close to the post to deliver or retrieve mail.
  • Top mount mailboxes are the most popular but some mailboxes can also be side-mounted to the mailbox post like the Coronado mailbox and post by Architectural Mailboxes.

Type of Mailbox Posts

There are also several different types of mailbox posts to consider. The most popular is the modern cast aluminum residential mailbox post that comes in a myriad of styles that can be matched to the architectural style of your contemporary mailbox. The other popular option is the more rustic looking wooden cedar mailbox posts, ideal for rural post mount mailboxes and homes situated in more natural settings.

Different Styles of Mailboxes

Today’s residential post mount mailboxes come in a myriad of styles. The style of your residential mailbox post should complement the style of your mailbox.

The sleek, clean lines of a modern mailbox match best with plain mailbox posts that are unadorned with flourishes and fluting.  Conversely, mailboxes with strong design elements such as Victorian styling, Americana styles, or embellished luxury designs can be matched with a plain mailbox post to ensure the eye goes to the mailbox, or can be matched with an equally flourished mailbox post to create a packaged look.

The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of post mount mailboxes, offers a wide variety of residential mailbox post styles including fluted posts, angular posts, tiered posts, modern posts, plus many, many others.

Mailbox Post Color

Finally, consider the color of your mailbox post.

The MailboxWork’s line of Special Lite mailbox posts are available in fourteen different colors ranging from neutrals such as black, white, gunmetal, champagne, textured beige, and Swedish silver, to earth tones such as copper, evergreen, frosted umber, mocha, hand-rubbed bronze, and Verde green. Homeowners can even find specialty colors such as burgundy colored mailbox posts.

The key is to either match your mailbox post color closely to the associated mailbox or make a statement and create a strong contrast of color between the mailbox and mailbox post.

Got Questions?

Ready to find the perfect match for your home? Browse our diverse selection of residential mailbox posts to elevate your curb appeal today. Whether you’re looking for a modern cast aluminum, a rustic wooden cedar post, or something uniquely you, we’ve got you covered. Call us at  1-866-717-4943. to speak with a mailbox expert and make your mailbox the talk of the neighborhood!


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