Brighten Your Porch: Trendy Wall-Mount Mailboxes

January 24, 2019

In the dynamic world of home decor, the humble mailbox has transcended its functional role, becoming a pivotal element of exterior design. This exploration into trendy wall-mount mailboxes showcases how these fixtures are not just about receiving mail—they’re about making a statement. As homeowners increasingly seek ways to express their style and individuality, the choice of a mailbox has grown in significance, embodying both personal taste and design trends. We delve into the latest in wall-mounted mailbox designs, from sleek, modern aesthetics to charming, vintage-inspired pieces, highlighting how these choices reflect the evolving landscapes of architecture and home fashion. Discover how integrating a trendy wall-mount mailbox can transform the appeal of your home’s facade, offering both style and functionality. Whether you’re renovating, building, or simply looking to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, this guide provides the inspiration and information you need to select a mailbox that stands out for all the right reasons. Join us as we navigate the world of trendy wall-mount mailboxes, where design meets utility in the most stylish of ways.

Elevating Exterior Aesthetics: The Rise of Trendy Wall-Mount Mailboxes

If you are a forward thinking homeowner then trendy, modern mailboxes may be something you have already been considering for your home.

As a leading North American supplier of residential mailboxes, The MailboxWorks has identified three trendy mailboxes we think will be popular for the coming year:

  1. LED lights for wall mount mailboxes
  2. Stainless steel mailboxes
  3. Vivid colored mailboxes

Wall Mount Mailboxes with LED Lights

America's Finest Mailbox LED Light Kit

The first mailbox trend we see for the near future is the shift towards buying a wall mount mailbox with LED lights.

America’s Finest Mailboxes offers a LED light kit for their handmade, solid brass wall mount mailboxes that are available as a vertical, horizontal, or square home mailbox.

These trendy mailboxes feature their own signature glass-paneled mailbox front. These can be customized with your choice of 5 different art glass panels and more than a dozen and a half picturesque cutout designs. As well, America’s Finest brass mailboxes are available in 6 different finishes including Architectural Bronze, New Verde, Old Brass, Old Penny, Textured Black, and Warm Brass.

With this many options, there are a myriad of combinations (over 4000) so you can customize the wall mount mailbox to your liking. Add the LED light kit and you will haved an unparalleled wall mounted modern mailbox that is truly unique.

The LED light kit uses only eight watts of power and can be powered through either twelve volt or one hundred and twenty volt wiring. And since the LED light kit is designed to last over thirty-thousand hours, it will last for years before you need to replace it.

Stainless Steel Mailboxes

European Home Antares Wall Mount Mailbox

European Home Antares Stainless Steel Wall Mount Mailbox

The second emerging mailbox trend we see is the uber-popular stainless steel mailboxes. The broad array of styles and design choices available at The Mailboxworks include:

  • More than two dozen different stainless steel mailbox styles
  • Twenty-one wall-mount stainless steel mailboxes
  • Four locking stainless steel wall-mount mailboxes
  • And three wall or door-mounted stainless steel mailbox slots

A popular entry-level model is the Fouriserie Ecco mailboxes, priced under one hundred dollars.

For luxury-minded mailbox shoppers, the European Home Vega stainless steel mailbox and the European Home Antares mailbox are excellent luxury stainless steel trendy mailboxes that definitely make a statement.

Whether your design aesthetic leans towards the sweeping curves of the moderately priced Capella stainless steel wall mount mailboxes or the super boxy look of the Ecco 10 home mailboxes, there is a style and look for every homeowner’s tastes.

HouseArt Blue Monet Wall Mount MailboxTrendy Mailboxes Color Choices

The third noticeable wall mount mailbox trend is for stunningly vivid mailbox colors. Look at the unique Monet wall mount mailboxes offered by The MailboxWork’s line of modern House Art Mailboxes.

Designed by artist Ginger Finley, the attractive design of the Monet mailbox has been recently augmented with a wide palate of striking colors, including bright silver, dark bronze, marshmallow white, rust, satin black, and four different neon-colored choices: a stunning Bougainvillea pink, a Key Lime green, a bright Bonita blue, and a vibrant Miami mango orange color.

While mailbox colors like white, bronze, black, and rust color are ubiquitous among America’s wall-mount mailboxes, they are designed to blend in with their architectural surroundings. These trendy mailboxes are popular among homeowners who want a more modern, vivid, neon mailbox color. These trendy mailboxes, “pop,” and though rare, have been gaining much interest in recent years.

Need Help Keeping Up with the Trends?

You can also shop for wall-mounted trendy mailboxes online since The Mailboxworks can ship your new mailbox anywhere in North America.

If you have any questions about new emerging mailbox trends, or if you feel you need help buying a contemporary trendy mailbox, please call and speak with our mailbox experts toll-free at 1-866-717-4943 or use our online contact form.

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