5 Unique Advantages of Whitehall Mailboxes Post Mount

July 14, 2019 2:59 pm

In this post, The MailboxWorks will highlight the five unique advantages of Whitehall mailboxes post mount over similar residential post mounted mailboxes offered by other mailbox manufacturers.

For nearly eight decades the Whitehall Products name has been synonymous with manufacturing excellence. What began with the legendary artistry of a Michigan master wood carver has evolved into a legacy that includes a distinct line of personalized home accent products including Whitehall mailboxes and posts.

What sets Whitehall mailboxes post mount apart from the rest? Whitehall residential mailboxes are:

  1. 20% larger
  2. Protected by Alumi-Shield coating
  3. Easily personalized
  4. Customizable – they include an extensive line of mailbox accessories
  5. Easy to relocate

Whitehall Post Mount MailboxWhitehall Mailboxes Post Mount Are 20% Larger

The first major advantage is that Whitehall manufactures large residential mailboxes that can hold multiple days worth of mail. Whitehall mailboxes post mount are as much as 20% larger than conventional curbside residential mailboxes. This extra storage space allows room for incoming mail and small packages.

If you are a magazine subscriber, your large Whitehall mailbox will even allow your Architectural Digest, National Geographic, or Travel & Leisure magazines to lie flat within the mailbox, so they don’t have to be folded or rolled.

Protected with Alumi-Shield Coating

The second major advantage of Whitehall mailboxes post mount is that they are protected with an innovative Alumi-Shield coating. This particular all-weather coating is exclusive to Whitehall mailboxes and posts.

The Alumi-Shield coating yields a strong resilient finish that not only enhances the beauty of each Whitehall mailbox, but also protects it against the harsh weather elements for years. The Alumi-Shield coating is available in four distinct, weather-resistant, powder-coated finishes including bronze, black, green, and white.

Whitehall mailboxes last longer and continue to look fantastic for the life of your mailbox.

Personalized Mailbox Plaques, Numbers & Name Plates

The third major advantage of residential Whitehall mailboxes post mount is that they can be personalized.

Whitehall allows room on each side of the mailbox, as well as on the front mailbox door, so you can add personalization. You can display your mailbox address, house number, or family name plate in a golden brassy color or a beautiful silver color.

Side mailbox address plaques allow for two lines of personalization with up to five 3-inch numbers on the top line and up to sixteen 1.25-inch characters or letters on the second line. As well, the front mailbox address plaque can hold up to six 1.75-inch characters.

Whitehall Ultimate Mailbox PackageWhitehall Mailbox Accessories

The fourth major advantage is that Whitehall Products also offers a full line of available post mount mailbox accessories. This allows homeowners to further personalize their residential Whitehall mailbox.

Mailbox Posts – Standard mailbox posts allow your new Whitehall mailbox to be mounted directly on top of the post. You can also order the Superior mailbox post package that allows more mailbox mounting options. For instance, the back of the Whitehall mailbox can be attached to the side of the post so that the mailbox juts further out into the roadway or sidewalk to assist in mail delivery and retrieval.  A Whitehall Deluxe mailbox post is also available. It comes with a beautiful round finial that sits on top of the post plus decorative scroll brackets.

Mailbox Toppers – Whitehall mailboxes post mount can also be adorned with an arched mailbox topper that mounts on top of the post mount mailbox. The mailbox topper provides enough space to display your family name, street name, or house number.

Newspaper Holders – For newspaper subscribers, a matching newspaper holder mounted below the mailbox provides a protected area to store your newspaper until it is retrieved.

Mailbox Post Cuffs – Finally, you can also order a mailbox post cuff to hide the unsightly intersection where your mailbox post meets the ground.

All these mailbox accessories make up the Whitehall Ultimate Mailbox Package, which includes the mailbox, the deluxe mailbox post, finial ball, mailbox topper, and newspaper holder!

Easy Mailbox Relocation

Whitehall mailboxes post mount are also designed so that they can be easily re-located. This is a major advantage over other residential post mount mailboxes on the market that are usually installed and set in place permanently.

Each of the three Whitehall mailbox post options can simply be unsleeved from the 4 x 4 wooden post and the entire mailbox unit can be re-located as needed. And, if you need to order new mailbox address panels to display your new street number or new home address, they can be ordered online through The MailboxWorks.

Need More Information?

The Mailboxworks is North America’s leading online retailer for Whitehall mailbox products and accessories.

If you still have questions about Whitehall mailboxes post mount, please contact our mailbox experts by email or call us toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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