Personalized Address Plaques Make Great Holiday Gifts

January 24, 2019

Personalized, reflective, or lighted house address plaque gifts may not seem like an obvious holiday gifting choice, but they can be very unique and thoughtful. Often, the best gifts are ones that demonstrate how much time and thought you put into them.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Will my gift meet the needs of the recipient? (In other words, will it actually be used?)
  2. Is my gift of high quality?
  3. Is it unique so that it will be remembered for years to come?

When you select personalized house address plaque gifts, you’ve got a great answer to all three questions.

House address plaques are an absolute necessity and must be seen. And, when personalized, they mean so much more to the homeowner. Plus, when you decide to give a personalized house address plaque, you are almost guaranteed it will be a gift they’ve never received before; or may have never even considered getting for themselves.

To assist you in purchasing unique, personalized house address plaque gifts, The MailboxWorks suggests these four stunning house address plaque options:

  1. Qualarc Edgewood Lighted Address Plaque
  2. Whitehall Williamsburg Address Plaque
  3. Majestic Brass Address Plaque
  4. Whitehall Hartford Address Plaque

QualArc Edgewood Large Lighted Address PlaqueQualarc Edgewood Lighted Address Plaque

At some point, we have all tried to find a house address that is very difficult to see in the dark. This makes it not only difficult for you but also difficult for delivery and emergency personnel. If this is the situation for someone you care about, why not consider getting them a house address plaque with a light? The large QualArc Edgewood Lighted Address Plaque would make an awesome holiday gift. This house address plaque features a cast aluminum frame with matching aluminum numbers. Guaranteed not to rust, the Edgewood lighted address plaque arrives pre-wired to connect to a standard household doorbell transformer (or another similar device operating at 10-16 volts).

Whitehall Williamsburg Address PlaqueWhitehall Williamsburg Address Plaque

If you want an address plaque gift that will be easy to read at night but you are not sure the recipient will be able to wire it to their home’s doorbell system, consider the Whitehall reflective Williamsburg address plaque. While it is not illuminated from within, the Williamsburg address plaque is constructed with a traffic sign grade reflective background. It will provide maximum visibility, reflecting any light that shines toward it. This reflective house address plaque is much easier to read in the dark than a standard address plaque with numbers.

Majestic Small Oval Brass Address PlaqueMajestic Brass Address Plaque

Solid brass address plaques have been a favorite of American homeowners for decades. If your friends and relatives live in distinguished homes, consider gifting them a personalized address plaque made of solid brass. One stunning example is the Majestic Solid Brass Camdon Address Plaques (pictured here). Handcrafted in the United States, these brass address plaques exude an unmatched quality and can be easily personalized. An easy-to-install solar-powered lamp is also available to ensure this address plaque is adequately illuminated at night.

Whitehall Hartford Address Plaque Horizontal RectangleWhitehall Hartford Address Plaque

Perhaps you know someone with a modern flair or who has a home with modern architecture. If so, consider gifting them the modern Hartford address plaque by Whitehall Products. This house address plaque features numbers in an uber-modern font and is available in seven different unique finishes and accents. The Whitehall Hartford modern address plaque features an Alumi-Shield coating to protect it against harsh weather conditions. It can also be adequately illumined with the optional solar-powered lamp. The solar lamp will operate for up to fourteen hours and automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

Check out this Wyoming News article that discusses why Emergency Crews Urge You to Clearly Marked House Numbers.

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