Whitehall Plaques: A Contemporary Touch for Your Home

July 14, 2019

For many years, newly built homes that needed a modern address plaque to complete their contemporary design had limited options. Most were confined to using traditional address number plaques that featured all the same old and boring styles.

That changed in 2017 when Whitehall added a fresh new line of contemporary house address plaque numbers that included more modern and exciting plaque fonts, shapes, colors, and forward-thinking improvements that keep that timeless aesthetic in contemporary design.

This new lineup presents a desirable range of choices for contemporary homeowners that want modern house numbers and address plaques to match their home’s architectural style and décor.

Added Shape Options

Whitehall Modern Roanoke Plaque Coastal ClayThis modern collection of Whitehall address numbers is showcased in a wide assortment of shapes. You now can choose from oval, arched, square, circular, and rectangular options. Mix it up with a vertical

address plaque or a rectangular plaque with a central diamond. For Art Deco enthusiasts, they even have a rectangular variation with boldly-lined corners.

More Color Possibilities

Each shape mentioned above is available in seven striking color combinations. These combos include classic aged bronze, black with silver letters, oil rubbed bronze, pewter with silver letters, and white with black lettering. Spice up your complimentary colors with either the coastal clay or coastal green color choices.

Improved Visibility

Whitehall Modern Legacy Plaque BronzeMost home address plaques feature residential address numbers and letters that are only about 3 inches high. Whitehall’s new line of modern plaques offers contemporary house numbers that are an impressive 4 inches in height. This more substantial size provides a level of visibility that can be easily seen from the street. Your guests will no longer have to drive up and down the block hunting for your address!

Sustainability & Timelessness

The MailboxWorks offers an optional solar lamp to complement your modern home address plaque and to up your visibility game even more! This sleek solar lamp conveniently turns itself on at dusk and can provide up to fourteen hours of light. It automatically turns off at dawn and re-charges through the day. Once installed, it is the epitome of self-sufficiency and functionality.

Whitehall Solar Lamp

Whether modern or traditional in style, each of Whitehall’s address plaques is constructed from high quality cast aluminum that is powder-coated and equipped with an Alumi-Shield™ protective finish. These steps ensure your address number plaque will retain its beauty and serve you for years, regardless of how harsh the weather conditions may be.

Easy Installation

The MailboxWorks ships Whitehall’s modern address plaques to homeowners with all of the necessary installation hardware and instructions. It takes just minutes to install yourself. Or have a local handyman assist you.

Still Have Questions About Modern Address Plaques?

The Mailboxworks is North America’s leading supplier of residential mailboxes and home address plaques. If you still have questions about modern address plaque numbers, please send us an email or call our mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943.


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