16 Tenant Door CBU Mailbox – USPS Approved (Includes Pedestal)

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    Usually ships in about 2-3 business days (Standard ); 2-4 weeks (Custom) Shipping estimate information
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Regarding a Product's Shipping Estimate

The lead times listed on this product page represent the best-case scenario for shipping estimates. While we may show that a product "usually ships" within a given period, this period should not be confused with a delivery estimate. Rather, we expect the product to ship from the manufacturer's warehouse within this timeframe.

What does this mean for you? Once you place an order on our site, we begin processing the order with the manufacturer. The processing lead time we list on the product page is the most current estimate from the manufacturer regarding the product.

Below, we answer our customers' top three FAQs regarding delivery estimates.

How long will it take to receive my commercial mailbox?

When you order a commercial or cluster mailbox, we process the order with the manufacturer within one business day. Once processed, the order usually ships in the time frame listed on the product page. Since Cluster Mailboxes are large items, they ship via freight carriers. As such, these transit times will usually take 5 to 7 business days.

A few things to note about purchasing a cluster mailbox or similar large, commercial-grade product:

  • The freight carrier will call the number you list on the shipping address a day before delivery to schedule a delivery appointment with you.
  • The manufacturer ships using their chosen freight carrier depending on the products ordered and the delivery location.
  • Most (if not all) online retailers who sell commercial mailboxes (CBUs, etc.) ship directly from the manufacturers, just as we do.
  • If you choose professional mailbox installation with your commercial mailbox purchase, please note that same-day installation is unavailable. We will help you schedule the installation after the delivery of your mailbox. In most cases, our installers complete the installation within one week following delivery.

If you purchase a commercial mailbox from us and decide to cancel because a competitor lists a "faster" lead time on their site, you may be delaying the time it will take to receive your mailboxes. Why? Because you are placing a new order with the same manufacturer for processing.

What if I order multiple products from different brands?

If you order multiple products, you may be purchasing products from different manufacturers. If this is the case, your products will ship to you separately from each manufacturer.

For example, if you purchase a set of wedge anchor bolts with a cluster mailbox, your CBU will ship from Florence or Salsbury's warehouse in about 5-7 business days. Still, your anchor bolts will ship separately from another warehouse in about 1 to 3 business days.

How can I estimate my shipment's transit time?

Depending on the carrier and your location, transit times will vary. You can estimate delivery times using your carrier tracking number. Once your order ships, we'll send you a shipping confirmation email that includes your carrier (FedEx, UPS, YRC, etc.) and tracking number.


If you place an order with us and do not receive an Order Confirmation email, check your spam inbox. If you still do not see an Order Confirmation email in your inbox, contact us immediately at (866) 717-4943. We will provide you with your Order Number and any other details you need.

(1) Green and White are custom colors and therefore cannot be returned.
(2) Gray is for replacement use only (replacement of existing Gray units).
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    Constructed of Stainless Steel

    Constructed of Stainless Steel

    Your selected installation hardware will ship separately from your mailbox unit(s). Please provide a USPS-approved mailing address for shipment (street address, city, state, and zip code).

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Product Details

CBU’s are Pre-approved

Pre-approved by the USPS, cluster mailboxes are considered the industry standard when it comes to outdoor, centralized mail delivery.

Installation Location

If you are involved in a new construction development, you have probably already consulted or will consult with your local postmaster regarding the placement (location) of your CBU. If not, we recommend it.

Master Lock Installation

After installing the CBU, follow-up with your local post office and the USPS will install their master lock for the main access door. Note: the USPS provides the master lock and only they have the keys to it.

All cluster box units (CBUs) sold on BudgetMailboxes.com come with a Five (5) Year Warranty.

Florence Manufacturing provides a five (5) year Warranty on its products from the date of purchase from an Florence Mailboxes Dealer (i.e., BudgetMailboxes.com). For more info, refer to the Florence Mailboxes Warranty sheet.

Likewise, Salsbury Industries covers defects in material and workmanship if reported in writing to them within five (5) years of the delivery date for CBUs. Refer to the Salsbury Warranty sheet for more details.

Color Options

The Florence Mailboxes 8 Door CBU is offered in four color variations while the Salsbury CBU is offered in six color variations. (Note: all green and white CBUs purchased on BudgetMailboxes.com are manufactured by Salsbury Industries.)

Sandstone is the most popular color option and is considered the new architectural standard. All finishes are powder-coated and corrosion-resistant. If you need to purchase a different color, you can view our selection of variations on the 8 Door CBU Category Page.



Item Height (inches) Width (inches) Depth (inches)
Overall 62" 30.5" 18"
Standard Compartments 3.25" 12.875" 16.75"
Outgoing Mail Compartment 3.25" 12.875" 16.75"
Small Parcel Compartment 10.25" 12.875" 16.75"
Large Parcel Compartment 13.75" 12.875" 16.75"


  • Cluster Mailbox Item Number: AFECBU16
  • Includes: Mailbox, Pedestal, 3 Keys per Door
  • Manufacturer: Budget Select
  • Shipping Weight: 167 lbs.
  • Locking: Locking mailbox.
  • Parts: We sell replacement parts for this product.


Additional Product Options

We Offer Mailbox Installation Nationwide

On our CBU product pages, you will see an option labeled,
"Need professional mailbox installation?" By making this option available on the product page, our goal is to be the one-stop shop for your cluster mailbox needs. We offer the following installation options:

Option 1 – Technician installs new pedestal-mounted mailbox.

In this scenario, the installer drills new anchor bolts into existing concrete and mounts a new pedestal mailbox.

Option 2 – Technician installs new pedestal-mounted mailbox and disposes of an old pedestal-mounted mailbox.

In this scenario, the installer removes old anchor bolts and replaces them with new ones. They will install the pedestal-mounted mailbox and dispose of the old one.

Mailbox Installation FAQs

What's included in mailbox installation?

  • Unpacking new CBU mailbox purchased from Mailboxworks.com
  • Installation of CBU pedestal onto the existing concrete pad* via one of the options listed above
  • Mounting CBU box to pedestal

Are your installers licensed and insured?

Yes. We only work with licensed and insured mailbox installers.

Do you offer service in my area?

Yes, unless you are outside the contiguous US. We offer installation services for our customers within the 48 contiguous United States.

Will the installer apply lettering to the mailbox?

No. Installation does not include applying any decals that are shipped loose with your CBU. You will need to apply the decals after the unit is installed.

Will the installer remove my old cluster mailbox?

Yes! Our installers will remove and dispose of your old pedestal-mounted CBU. This convenient service is offered at a low, flat rate of $150 per unit needing disposal.

Why should I hire a pro to install my mailbox?

Installing a pedestal mailbox can be complicated. A professional can take care of it more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Will the installer supply any materials I need to secure my mailbox?

No, you will need to make the anchor bolts available when the installer arrives. Most installations use expansion anchor bolts for existing concrete, which can easily be added to your CBU order directly from the product page!

Please also ensure that the location is near a usable power source, if possible.

Will Mailbox Works communicate with the installer on my behalf?

Yes. We will confirm your details with our installation provider network, CS Hudson. CS Hudson will then contact you to schedule your appointment. While it is expected that the customer deals with the installer on location, we take it as our responsibility to communicate with the installer on your behalf prior to making the appointment.

Will my mailbox be installed on the same day as delivery?

No. Same-day installation is not available. Installation will be scheduled after the delivery of your mailbox. In most cases, installation is completed within one week following delivery.

* It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the location for installed cluster mailboxes meets USPS requirements. Customers should contact their local post office to receive approval for the installation, and for any questions about their specific requirements when installing CBUs at the intended location.

What to expect after placing your order

After you place your order, we send you an Installation Service Overview email in addition to your Order Confirmation. In this email, you'll find an outline of the installation process along with FAQs and the information outlined in this section.

Here are the steps we take to ensure a successful installation:

Step 1 - We email you within 1 business day to provide the review form. Here are some of the key details covered on the form:

  • You have purchased the correct product and installation option
  • Concrete at the location is ready and at least 4 inches in depth
  • The location meets USPS requirements and has been approved by your Post Office
  • Photos of the intended installation site (If current site photos are not yet available, use Google Street View to confirm the location)
  • A power source is accessible near the location
  • Notate any other details or special circumstances
  • Confirm shipping address for anchor bolts, which ship separately

Step 2 - Once the form is completed, we contact our installation company and let them know of a pending installation at your location. At this stage, no appointment is made.

Step 3 - We confirm the estimated ship date for your order with the vendor (the merchandise ships from the vendor’s warehouse). When the merchandise ships, we send you an En Route email. This email contains a checklist for you to follow upon receiving the shipment. We will also call you to confirm these details.

Step 4 - When your order is ready for delivery, you will confirm a delivery appointment with the freight carrier. Please ensure that all items are received and that they are in good condition, noting any damage or shortages on the delivery receipt.

Step 5 - Once your CBU(s) and bolts are delivered successfully, we will send you one last checklist to confirm you are ready for your installation appointment!

Step 6 - Our installer network will reach out to you to schedule your installation.

We are more than happy to communicate with the installer on your behalf prior to making the appointment. However, on the day of installation, you should communicate directly with the installer, as this saves time for both parties and is more likely to ensure success.

Note: Although it goes without saying, please make sure the merchandise is at the location on the day of the appointment.