Before you buy a post-mount mailbox…

December 20, 2010

Gaines Keystone Eagle MailboxYour mailbox says a lot about you.  It’s often the first impression guests and neighbors have of your home.   Are you stylish?  Trendy? Conservative?  Fun?  Your choice of a post-mount mailbox can communicate a great deal about you and your family.

When it comes to the resale value of your home, your post-mount mailbox is the first architectural statement homebuyers encounter.  So, it makes good sense to really take the time to select the perfect post mount mailbox to complement your home.  In this article, you’ll find five great tips on choosing the perfect post-mount mailbox, also called a curbside mailbox for your residence.

Tip #1

Before you shop for a new residential mailbox, take three photos of your home – one in the morning light, another during daytime, and another at dusk.  By having three photos of the exterior of your home, you’ll notice how the sunlight affects the colors of your home’s exterior and be in the perfect position to select the right color of residential mailbox for your home.  If you are looking beyond the standard colors of white, brown, black or tan, or stainless, stop and consider purchasing a residential mailbox that matches one of the primary colors used in your home’s exterior:  your primary color, your secondary color, or your accent color.

Tip #2

As you shop for a residential mailbox, consider the various mailbox styles you encounter and choose a post-mount mailbox style that complements your home’s dominant style.  Not sure what is the dominant architectural style of your home?  Look first at these three areas: the front door, the front windows, and the rooflines.  These three areas are the most expressive parts of your home and function much like the eyes, nose, and mouth on our face.  Then ask yourself, what’s the face of my home communicating?  If you are unfamiliar with architectural terminology, stick with general styles such as Contemporary, Traditional, or Ranch.  Of course, if you know your home has a distinct style such as Cape Cod, Victorian, French Tudor, Mediterranean, Ranch, Arts & Crafts, Colonial, Mission Revival, then note that particular look before you start your search for a post-mount mailbox.  You will discover that curbside mailboxes are available in nearly every home style.  Remember, your mailbox choice should complement your home’s style rather than contrast with it.  In other words, putting a modern stainless steel curbside mailbox in front of a traditional style home would communicate that you are “style challenged.”

Tip #3

Choose a size that fits your postal and package needs.  If you are often away and know your mailbox needs to accommodate several days of mail or if you regularly receive large packages, choose a large post-mount mailbox.  Also consider a post-mount mailbox that complements the size of your home.  Large estates of two acres or more look best with larger mailboxes while a huge column-mounted mailbox in front of a tiny home may tempt guests to knock on the mailbox door!

Tip #4

Remember that the style of the mailbox post should also match your mailbox and needs. Curbside mailboxes are available to mount on a post or inside of a brick or stucco column. When actually installing your mailbox, check with your local post office for proper placement and requirements.

Tip #5

If you would like assistance in finding the perfect residential mailbox for your home, contact the experts at The MailboxWorks toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.

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