New! The Whitehall Balmoral Post Mount Mailbox

July 16, 2013

Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox Streetside PackageThe MailboxWork’s Whitehall mailbox brand now features a new large post mount mailbox, the Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox.

Boasting over 2.2 cubic feet, which is unique for Residential Post Mount Mailboxes, this large Whitehall Balmoral mailbox not only outsizes standard post mount mailboxes by a factor of three to one, it also does so with extraordinary beauty in a classic rounded roof mailbox design.

Early adopters of the Whitehall Balmoral post mount mailbox have boasted of the capacity of this residential mailbox to hold several days of mail as well as small packages. They’ve also reported that neighbors are already inquiring as to where to order their own large Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox.

Balmoral Mailbox Construction

The highly durable aluminum mailbox construction and weather resistant powder coat finish ensures protection against the elements and will keep the Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox looking its best year after year.

The crackled finish of this large curbside mailbox ensures this mailbox will always look its best.  Plus, The MailboxWork’s Whitehall Balmoral mailbox comes with a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

The Balmoral Mailbox features strong, clean lines that accentuate the elegance of this attractive residential mailbox as well as contrasting brass finishes for the mailbox door pull and mail arrival signal flag.  Available in bronze, black or white finishes, the Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox matches nearly any exterior home design scheme.

Balmoral Mailbox Door

The front door of the Whitehall Balmoral mailbox features fluted column accents along the door sides, a paneled design and the words US MAIL (in all capital letters) along the bottom third of the mailbox door.

A unique monogram letter beneath the door pull brings a personal touch to the unique design features of the Balmoral mailbox and a personalized mailbox address plaque for the sides of the mailbox prominently but deferentially displays your residence’s address to provide assistance to the mail carrier.

The mailbox address plaque features 3-inch numbers above 1 ¼ inch characters so both house numbers and street address can be displayed (or house numbers and homeowner’s name can be displayed).

Deluxe Balmoral Mailbox Package

The Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox is also available in a deluxe mailbox package that features a decorative post cuff to hide the unsightly intersection of the mailbox post and the ground. It also includes the highly sought after Balmoral Plant Hook.

The plant hook can be utilized to color “up” in the landscape scheme of your front yard landscape design and to break up the lines of the mailbox post and, for homeowners who desire it, partly hide the mailbox from the home’s view with a splash of color or simply green foliage.

The decorative mailbox finial comes with both the standard Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox post as well as the deluxe mailbox package. For homeowners who already have a beautiful mailbox post and simply wish to replace their residential post mount mailbox without ordering a post, the Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox can also be ordered sans post.


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