Damaged Mailbox? Quick Replacement Tips Inside

July 4, 2019

Brightlight Solutions Solar Mail Mailbox PostReplace a mailbox and make it a high priority if your old mailbox is damaged or destroyed in a storm or other natural disaster.


When Hurricane Sandy tore through the U.S. eastern seaboard in 2012, many communities (like Janis and Hugh Birdsall’s in Clinton, Connecticut) found that the superstorm ripped not only their seaside homes from their foundations, but also their primary method of receiving financial help; their post mount mailboxes.

“The same thing occurred after Tropical Storm Irene,” noted Hugh to a Wall Street Journal reporter covering the aftermath. “Our post mounted mailboxes were just ripped from the ground and we’ve learned it’s crucial to prioritize their replacement.”

Many residents noted that while their insurance adjusters showed up in person (armed only with clipboards to take their reports), the insurance checks needed to replace everything that was lost were actually sent by mail.

This meant that if they did not immediately replace a mailbox that was damaged or missing, residents that were affected by the storm could not receive their mail.

Plus, many out-of-state family and friends also wanted to mail a check to help out with the losses, which also added to the urgency for those affected to replace mailbox ASAP.

There were three key steps that residents needed to take in order to replace a mailbox quickly and cost effectively:

  • Order replacement mailboxes online to minimize delay in delivery
  • Make sure temporary mailbox replacements were theft proof
  • Consider multi-unit mailboxes to reduce replacement costs

Order Replacement Mailboxes Online

Whether you need to replace a mailbox, just the mailbox post, or you need a whole new mailbox and post set, the quickest way to receive a replacement mailbox is to order online from a reputable supplier of residential mailboxes.

The MailboxWorks carries a full line of residential replacement mailboxes in stock and provides accurate shipping estimates to ensure you receive your mailbox order as promised.

Mailboss Mailbox With PostMake Your Temporary Mailbox Installation Theft Proof

Communities are most vulnerable to mail and identity theft following a major storm or some other natural disaster, when residents seek shelter elsewhere and their damaged properties are left unattended.

In the case of superstorm Sandy, many homeowners were forced to erect temporary mailboxes, in part, because the ground was oversaturated.

These temporary replacement mailboxes were often just a simple four-by-four mailbox post mounted in a five-gallon bucket filled with sand or quick-set concrete. Unfortunately, these temporary mailbox solutions were quite vulnerable to theft of not only the mail, but the entire mailbox.

Consider Multi-Unit Post Mount Mailboxes

Pooling resources and buying neighborhood multi unit mailboxes is a great idea if you and your neighbors are looking for a way to reduce mailbox replacement costs.

By ordering multi unit replacement mailboxes together, you can often take advantage of:

  • Lower pricing on quantity mailbox purchases
  • Additional savings on mailbox shipping
  • Lower installation costs for replacement mailboxes

Professional Mailbox Installation Services

The MailboxWorks also offers professional mailbox installation services and we carry residential mailbox replacement parts.

Prioritize Your Mail Security by Replacing Damaged Mailboxes

A damaged mailbox not only detracts from your home’s curb appeal but also poses a risk to your mail security and efficiency. Addressing this issue promptly ensures that your correspondence and packages are protected from theft, weather, and unauthorized access. With a wide range of replacement options available, you can easily find a mailbox that not only meets your security needs but also enhances your property’s aesthetic.

Consider the replacement of a damaged mailbox as an opportunity to upgrade to a model that offers better security, durability, and style. Whether you’re looking for a post-mounted, wall-mounted, or locking mailbox, investing in a high-quality replacement is a smart move towards safeguarding your mail and boosting your home’s appearance.

Explore our extensive selection of mailboxes at Mailbox Works, where you’ll find the perfect replacement to match your style and security requirements. Don’t let a damaged mailbox compromise your mail; upgrade today for peace of mind. For the best in mailbox replacement options, visit our website or contact us at 1-866-717-4943. Let us help you find the ideal solution for your needs. Shop Replacement Mailboxes | Contact Us for Guidance

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