Architectural Mailboxes Offers Four Categories of High Quality Residential Mailboxes

March 9, 2012

Architectural Mailboxes Coronado Deluxe PostAdorning the nation’s finest residences for decades are The MailboxWork’s Architectural Mailboxes.

These premium, high-quality Residential Mailboxes draw their very name from the “architectural quality” of the materials, the mailbox design, and features.  Surpassing USPS quality standards and constructed to withstand even harsh elements, The MailboxWork’s Architectural Mailboxes enrich even the most luxurious of homes and have defined the ultimate in quality decorative mailboxes.

Except for commercial mailbox cluster box unit accessories (that will start being manufactured by The MailboxWork’s Florence Mailboxes in March 2012), Architectural Mailboxes focuses primarily on residential mailboxes in the following four categories:

  1. Post Mount Architectural Mailboxes
  2. Multi-Mount Architectural Mailboxes
  3. Wall Mount Architectural Mailboxes
  4. Locking Architectural Mailboxes

Post Mount Architectural Mailboxes

The Architectural post mount mailboxes collection is stunningly fine-crafted with extraordinary attention to detail and as a result, each architectural mailbox radiates elegance in style.  And due to the vast array of decorative mailbox options, each residential homeowner can customize their architectural mailbox to perfectly enhance their home. Multiple mailbox colors and accent finish choices, combined with several distinct mailbox post styles, optional newspaper holder accessories, plus custom mailbox lettering means that each architectural mailbox is highly unique.

For example, the Architectural Mailboxes Coronado mailbox is available in black, bronze, sand, and white colors with antique nickel, antique bronze, and antique copper accents providing fifteen different combinations without even considering the four decorative mailbox posts.  These oversized post-mount mailboxes are constructed with heavy gauge steel, solid brass, and aluminum accents, and are built to last.

Multi-Mount Architectural Mailboxes

In addition to single post mount options, Architectural Mailboxes post mount mailboxes are also available in multi-mount mailbox options allowing homeowner associations and neighborhoods to save post and installation costs while adorning the neighborhood with fine quality mailboxes by mounting up to four residential mailboxes on a single post.

Architectural Mailboxes Soho Wall MountWall Mount Architectural Mailboxes

The Architectural wall mount mailboxes collection provides style choices that range from classic to contemporary.  The Peninsula Wall Mount Mailboxes (like the embossed Peninsula mailbox shown here) are crafted from stainless steel and then plated with a high-quality, corrosion-resistant metal that is polished by hand to a fine finish.  Peninsula wall mount mailboxes are available in three distinct finishes:  antique copper, antique brass, or the highly desirable satin nickel.  Additionally, homeowners can select a plain front door on the Peninsula mailbox or an embossed eternity design instead.

The Lunada wall mount mailbox extends the Architectural Mailboxes’ Peninsula wall mount mailbox to five additional painted finishes:  black, white, pearl gray, bronze, and sand.

In contrast to the classic lines of the Peninsula and Lunada wall mount mailboxes are the contemporary standouts; the Soho Architectural Mailboxes and the Metropolis Wall Mount Mailboxes.

The Soho mailbox is available in the same colors (black, white, pearl gray bronze, and sand) as the classic Lunada mailbox but features modern clean lines that work best with today’s contemporary architecture home styles.  The Metropolis mailbox takes contemporary to new levels with the bold styling of stainless steel in either brush stain or stunning progressive swirl styles.

Locking Architectural Mailboxes

Architectural Mailboxes also offers security or locking mailboxes for both post mount mailboxes and wall mount mailboxes plus Architectural Mailboxes has developed a special Oasis Collection that can be inset in a column or used simply as a post-mounted mailbox.  The Oasis Collection of Architectural Mailboxes is highly focused on security features such as the drop box style front door that protects the mailbox’s previous day’s contents from prying eyes.  In addition, the Oasis is equipped with weather-tight seals to ensure one’s mail is dry and clean.  The Oasis mailbox like the Medium Oasis Mailbox with Standard Post is constructed of sturdy, galvanized steel and is completely powder coated in the factory to withstand harsh elements.

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