Elevate Your Curb Appeal: HOA Mailbox Standards

February 7, 2014

Gaines Eagle Keystone Mailbox Pentad PostWhen it comes time for homeowner association management to purchase mailboxes, it is important to buy homeowner association mailboxes for the community rather than leaving such decisions up to individual homeowners.

The task of choosing homeowner association mailboxes doesn’t have to be difficult however. Keep in mind that the HOA mailboxes chosen for your homeowner association will need to be:

Easy To Install             Cost Efficient

Durable                       Ascetically Defining


With this in mind, this article will provide HOA management with five key steps in choosing and buying the best homeowner association mailboxes. The 5 key steps include:

  1. Meeting USPS Standards
  2. Buying Secure Locking Mailboxes
  3. Choosing Mailbox Accessories
  4. Choosing Mailbox Style
  5. Choosing a Mailbox Supplier

Step 1 – Homeowner Association Mailboxes Must Meet USPS Standards

Step one is to consider the Postal Service standards for your area.  If the association is a new development, consult with your local postmaster to discover whether the postmaster will require your HOA mailboxes to be:

  1. Cluster box units (also called CBU mailboxes)
  2. Multi mount mailboxes
  3. Or single mount residential mailboxes

Even if your homeowner association is considering HOA mailbox replacement, it is still advisable to consult with your local postmaster, although it is likely that a straightforward replacement of the same type of mailboxes will be quickly approved. Remember, if you are able to purchase multi mount mailboxes or cluster box units, you will save significant fees on mailbox installation since only one post will need to be set per unit.

Step 2 – Recommend Secure Locking Mailboxes

Step two when buying homeowner association mailboxes, is to determine the extent of the security features your neighborhood will require.  Many homeowner associations are discovering that secure locking mailboxes add a sense of protection and safety to their neighborhood by preventing identity theft and/or mail theft, and minimizing the possibility of the homes in the association becoming a target for mail thieves.

Step 3 – Mailbox Accessories

Step three when buying homeowner association mailboxes is to focus on the additional mailbox accessories you’d like to provide the homeowners in your association.  Optional mailbox accessories may include:

  • Mailbox posts
  • Mailbox address plaques or address numbers
  • Optional newspaper holders
  • Plus other decorative touches

The purchase of these mailbox accessories will help maintain the uniformity of your neighborhood and enhance the ascetic value of the entire purchase. If purchasing commercial mailboxes for your homeowner association, such as CBU mailboxes, consider purchasing the decorative CBU mailbox accessories to dress the utilitarian units up. Remember, by ensuring uniformity in mailbox design and accessories, you are not only enhancing the style of your neighborhood but also providing for its safety and security as police, fire trucks and ambulances are able to find the correct address information easier in emergency situations when such items are placed in a uniform manner.

Step 4 – Style of Mailboxes

Step four is to consider the actual decorative style of your homeowner association mailboxes.  Choose a style that compliments your neighborhood’s current décor or choose one that sets that style standard. Keep in mind that curb appeal is important to most new residents who will choose the neighborhood first before looking at individual homes. The appearance and style of amenities such as HOA mailboxes can make a definitive statement in attracting new buyers and keeping property values on the rise.

Step 5 – Buy from a Reputable Mailbox Supplier

Step five is to ensure you purchase your homeowner association mailboxes from a quality mailbox supplier; one with strong customer service assistance and decades of longevity in retailing residential and commercial mailboxes. National mailbox suppliers such as The MailboxWorks, have customer service staff who specialize in assisting homeowner association management in how to choose the right HOA mailboxes for their neighborhood.  Plus, large mailbox suppliers, like The MailboxWorks, can ensure your delivery lead times and eventual mailbox replacement parts are both addressed with excellence.

Boost Community Appeal with HOA-Approved Residential Mailboxes

Selecting the ideal residential mailboxes is a critical decision for Homeowners Associations, impacting both the functionality and visual harmony of the community. Mailbox Works offers a curated selection of HOA-approved mailboxes that are designed to meet the specific needs of any community, balancing security, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our offerings ensure that every home receives mail securely while contributing to the neighborhood’s cohesive look.

Investing in quality mailboxes from Mailbox Works means prioritizing your community’s satisfaction and appeal. Whether for an established neighborhood or a new development, our range of mailboxes provides the perfect solution for maintaining standards and enhancing property value.

Upgrade your community with our HOA residential mailboxes. For guidance and to view our selection, visit our website or call at 1-866-717-4943. View Our Selection of HOA Mailboxes | Reach Out for Expert Advice

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