Post Mount Whitehall Mailboxes: Customizable Mailbox Packages

August 27, 2012

Whitehall Custom Mailbox PackageAssembling all the components of a post mount mailbox package and ensuring that they all complement or match the style and finish of the mailbox itself is one of the more challenging aspects of purchasing a new post mount mailbox.

One confused shopper quipped, “It took me hours to find the perfect mailbox for my home and then my husband just put it on an ugly, wooden four-by-four post.”  Many mailbox shoppers share this sentiment; “How can I find an entire mailbox package with post, newspaper holder, mailbox, etc.?”

In this article, we’ll share how The MailboxWork’s Whitehall Mailboxes solve the common problem of creating a cohesive post mount mailbox package by coordinating components for the discriminating homeowner. While The MailboxWorks Mailboxes include numerous brands that also offer the feature of packaged components, the focus of this article will be on Whitehall Mailboxes (as it is a very popular choice).

Whitehall Mailboxes are available in four distinct post mount mailbox packages:

  1. Whitehall Premium Mailbox Package
  2. Whitehall Superior Mailbox Package
  3. Whitehall Estate Mailbox Package
  4. Top-Of-The-Line Whitehall Ultimate Mailbox Package

And for the homeowner who wants to fine-tune their purchase beyond a mailbox package, there’s also the infinitely customizable Whitehall Custom Mailbox and Post package which is similar to creating your own mailbox package.

Whitehall Premium Mailbox Package

The Whitehall Premium mailbox package components include a decorative Whitehall mailbox in one of three finishes complete with flag and personalized side panels for one’s street number and street name.  And the Whitehall premium package includes an attractive post sleeve that fits over a customer-supplied 4×4 mailbox post in addition to all the mounting and hinge hardware that is required for the package. The Whitehall Premium post mounts directly to the bottom of the Whitehall mailbox; and it all matches!

Whitehall Superior Mailbox PackageWhitehall Superior Mailbox Package

The Whitehall Superior mailbox package includes a decorative mailbox in one of three weather-resistant finishes (black, bronze, or white), plus mailbox flag and personalized side panels with street number and street name. This is the same post mount mailbox as the Whitehall Premium package however the post for the Superior mailbox package is deluxe. This deluxe mailbox post mounts to the rear of the mailbox and extends above it. It’s capped on top of the post with a decorative post cap and it has an attractive dual curved brace beneath the mailbox creating both a secure mount and a highly attractive, finished look for one’s mailbox. Like the Premium package, it also comes with all mounting hardware for assembly.

Whitehall Estate Mailbox Package

The Whitehall Estate mailbox package is extraordinary. It includes the beautiful, decorative mailbox from the Premium and Superior packages along with the contrasting mailbox flag and side panels for one’s address but it adds a front address number plate for the mailbox door (up to six numbers can be applied). This front address number plate is especially helpful to postal carriers as they face the curbside post mount mailbox for mail delivery and it helps ensure that your mail doesn’t end up in the neighbor’s mailbox.

Additionally, the Whitehall Estate mailbox package also contains the deluxe mailbox post with the dual braces but instead of a post cap like the Estate package, it tops the mailbox post off with a stunning finial cap and ball as seen on some of America’s finest estates. In addition, the Whitehall Estate package also has a matching newspaper holder that mounts beneath the mailbox and in between the beautiful curved braces. The fit and finish of all these mailbox components are beautiful and would be near impossible to create outside of a packaged mailbox system.

Whitehall Ultimate Mailbox Package

The Whitehall Ultimate mailbox system contains all the components of the Whitehall Estate mailbox system and adds a finishing touch; a mailbox topper that typically contains your family name on top of the mailbox. It’s the ultimate in post mount mailbox packages hence the name, Ultimate Mailbox Package.

All of the above mailbox packages are also offered with a decorative mailbox post cuff that covers the intersection of the post and the ground beneath it. The decorative mailbox post cuff is a popular choice for homeowners who wish to hide any unsightly concrete finishes poured for the 4×4 post.

Whitehall Custom Mailbox and Post

For residents who want to fine-tune their residential post mount mailbox package, The MailboxWorks offers a unique experience; the Whitehall Custom Mailbox and Post where you simply assemble your home’s mailbox step-by-step adding whatever features you wish and skipping those you do not require.

  1. First you choose your mailbox color
  2. Then you choose your mailbox post style and post top
  3. Then it’s on to your choice of side panels and front panels for address needs
  4. And then to post cuff and toppers
  5. Finally you finish by selecting a newspaper box or not

For the homeowner who wants exact mailbox features without compromising the fit and matching finish of one’s post mount mailbox package, The MailboxWorks Whitehall Custom Mailbox and Post is the place to start.

For homeowners who are frustrated with trying to match up a mailbox to a post and to all the accessories, The MailboxWorks Whitehall Mailboxes are the answer. They provide four unique packages as well as a customizable post mount mailbox package so the homeowner can create the look they desire without frustration.


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