The Iconic, Residential Bobi Classic Mailbox Celebrates 20 Years

June 10, 2014

Bobi Classic Front Wall Mount MailboxStylistically designed to weather the harshest elements of the icy, Nordic region of Finland, the Bobi classic mailbox has been holding a clear advantage over standard wall mount or post mount residential mailboxes for more than 20 years.

The Bobi Classic mailbox has a curved roof design making these distinctive residential mailboxes not only the most popular choice in their native country but also an often-specified selection of America’s most prominent residential architects and builders.

One experienced luxury home architect stated that, “Bobi mailboxes offer my clients the trifecta of their desire:  an innovative spin on a design motif that connects with the nostalgia of the blue neighborhood USPS collection boxes; a large capacity that allows clients to enjoy both extended vacations without worrying about overflowing mail or expensive magazines being stuffed inside a tiny box; and a construction design that utilizes the best materials for weather exposure.” He also adds that, “Bobi mailboxes are nearly always a recommendation that brings a smile to my clients.”

Classic Bobi Mailbox Colors

Bobi mailboxes are available in up to five attractive finishes depending on the particular model chosen, including:

  • Black Bobi mailbox
  • Grey Bobi mailbox (with a contrasting stainless steel mail slot)
  • Red Bobi mailbox
  • White Bobi mailbox
  • Stainless steel Bobi mailbox

All Bobi mailboxes include a horizontally hinged mail delivery slot that can accommodate large envelopes and magazines without creasing or folding required for insertion.

Secure Bobi Mailboxes

The Bobi locking mailbox is designed for high security. This secure residential mailbox features a one-millimeter thick galvanized design with double layers to strengthen each corner. Of course, identity theft and mail theft is safely averted through the keyed access to your Bobi locking mailbox.

The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading supplier of residential post mount and wall mount mailboxes, carries both front access Bobi mailboxes and rear access Bobi mailboxes.

As a homeowner, you choose the best way to safely access your mail:

  • Choose a front access Bobi mailbox if you want to access your mail from the curb
  • Or choose a rear access Bobi mailbox if you want to access your mailbox from the yard

Bobi Mailbox Options

To meet all residential requirements for installation, the Bobi Classic mailbox is available in four wall mount mailbox configurations and four post mount mailbox choices. The options are straightforward:

  1. Rear mail access
  2. Front mail access
  3. Standard mailbox capacity
  4. Or large mailbox capacity (Bobi jumbo mailbox)

Matching posts are also available for all post mount Bobi Classic mailboxes.

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