Top 3 Architectural Mailboxes from MailboxWorks

August 13, 2012 10:23 pm

Built a stone’s throw from the roaring Pacific Ocean, The MailboxWork’s Architectural Mailboxes are the design standard in high-end Residential Mailboxes and are a favorite among homeowners seeking quality, style, and security.

Here are the top three Architectural Mailboxes available at The MailboxWorks:

  1. Peninsula Wall Mount Mailbox
  2. Geneva Post Mount Mailbox
  3. Coronado Post Mount Mailbox

All Architectural Mailboxes are professionally constructed of top-notch materials such as heavy gauge stainless steel, heavy-gauge galvanized steel, or die-cast aluminum. Plus each Architectural Mailbox features trouble-free moving parts such as stainless steel hinges and cam-function locks. Additionally, The MailboxWork’s Architectural Mailboxes exceed US Postal Service security and quality standards.

Architectural Mailboxes Lunada Wall MountPeninsula Wall Mount Mailbox

One of MailboxWork’s best-selling wall mount mailboxes is the Architectural Mailboxes Peninsula locking wall mount mailbox. The sweeping top roofline and stunning eternity embossing upon the face of this wall mount mailbox creates a unique look in a sea of “plain Jane” mailboxes.  Available in popular antique brass, distinctive antique copper, and contemporary satin nickel hand-polished finishes, the Peninsula wall mount mailbox finishes are designed to darken over time into a classic finish.

Geneva Post Mount Mailbox

The Architectural Mailboxes Geneva post mount mailbox is Swiss-chalet inspired in style making it the perfect choice for homeowners seeking a fine European look for their residence. Accentuated with elaborate scrolls, the Geneva post mount mailbox origins begin with die-cast aluminum and galvanized steel, which are professionally powder-coated (in black, white, bronze or sand) before assembly.

A unique spring-loaded mailbox signal flag extends with the touch of a finger when outgoing mail is placed in the mailbox. And a locking rear-access door completes the Geneva mailbox and provides the homeowner secure access to his or her mailbox without stepping into the busy street. And weatherproof rubber seals ensure the rear access and mail delivery doors protect the mail from the elements.

The Architectural Mailboxes Geneva mailboxes are available with a study three-inch round post (with or without the elegant decorative cover) or a standard mailbox post.

Coronado Post Mount Mailbox

The Coronado is the premier showpiece in the MailboxWork’s Architectural Mailboxes line of residential post mount mailboxes.  Constructed of heavy-duty, 16 gauge galvanized steel in a wide selection of colors and accented with solid brass in nickel, copper, or bronze, the Architectural Mailboxes Coronado provides a seemingly infinite number of unique combinations for the homeowner who wants to ensure a pleasing match with their home’s exterior.  The Architectural Mailboxes Coronado mailbox can be mounted on a standard post or deluxe post.

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