Blomus Signo Wall Mount Mailboxes in Stainless Steel

September 24, 2012 8:44 pm

Blomus, the manufacturer of highly attractive stainless steel products for the garden, kitchen, and spa now offer their line of welcome home products including:

Blomus stainless steel mailboxes are called Signo wall mount mailboxes.

Blomus Signo Wall Mount MailboxBlomus Signo Mailbox

The stainless steel Blomus Signo Mailbox features clean, sweeping lines of sheeted stainless steel made from non-corrosive 18-8 stainless steel. And Signo wall mount mailboxes by Blomus are available with or without a semi-opaque glass window that allow the homeowner to quickly determine whether their mail has arrived.  Also available in the Signo line of Blomus mailboxes are the option newspaper holder accessory that mounts on the underneath of the Blomus mailboxes.  Homeowners accustomed to the Blomus line of home products will note the extraordinary fit and finish of the Blomus mailboxes that match the same fit and finish of other Blomus stainless steel products.

Blomus Signo Window Mailbox

Another reason homeowners looking for Residential Mailboxes enjoy Blomus mailboxes is simply due to the noted design uniqueness of the Blomus brand and the high quality standards they achieve within reasonable prices.  For instance, the stainless steel Blomus Signo Window Mailbox (discontinued) once featured a glass viewing window.

Additionally, all Blomus mailboxes are accompanied by a heavy-duty locking feature and two keys along with all mounting hardware necessary to put the mailbox up on one’s wall.   Homeowners appreciate that the every part required to put Blomus mailboxes up on their wall is included in the shipping box, which means no expensive, time-consuming trips to the local hardware store.

Blomus Signo House NumbersBlomus Signo House Numbers & Letters

Plus, for homeowners looking to complement their Blomus mailboxes with matching address numbers, Blomus provides a great solution in their Blomus house numbers and letters.  The letters and numbers (letters “a” to “f” and numbers 0-9 are available) stand 15 cm tall and are also constructed of 18-8 stainless steel and provide the corresponding smooth look that complements the look of the stainless steel Blomus mailboxes. All Blomus mailboxes, house lettering, and house numbering are accompanied by the mounting hardware and instructions necessary for do-it-yourself homeowners.

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