The Fine Craftsmanship of Whitehall Mailboxes

January 6, 2014

Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox Streetside PackageWhile Whitehall Products is most recognized as the world’s foremost maker of weathervanes, their Whitehall mailbox products, available through The MailboxWork’s, are decorative residential mailboxes that offer extraordinary customization and personalization.

This compelling desire to ensure each homeowner has a choice of decorative Whitehall mailboxes that reflects their own uniqueness, finds its origin in the founder of Whitehall mailboxes, who was a sculptor in the Fine Arts community along the western shores of Lake Michigan.

Post & Wall Mount Mailbox Options

For homeowners seeking a distinctive, decorative residential mailbox, these fine-crafted Whitehall mailboxes provide stunning curb appeal and a wonderful first impression for one’s guests.

Whitehall mailbox products are available as:

  • Whitehall decorative post mount mailboxes
  • Whitehall wall mount mailboxes

20% Larger Mailbox

Whitehall mailboxes offer twenty percent more capacity than standard post or wall mount mailboxes. This provides well-traveled homeowners with peace of mind, knowing their Whitehall mailbox can hold several days of mail as well as larger packages; a distinct advantage over standard size mailboxes.

Additionally, The MailboxWork’s entire line of elegant Whitehall mailboxes provides not only fine design details but also uncommon durability because these mailboxes are crafted from die cast, rust-free aluminum that’s ingeniously built to last a lifetime.

Crafted by Fine Artists

From their very genesis, each Whitehall mailbox is a work of art.  Both post mount and wall mount Whitehall mailbox models arise from an artist’s portrayal, which is then brought to life by experienced metallurgists, craftsmen wielding the medium of dramatic powder coated aluminum.

And when each Whitehall mailbox masterpiece is completed, even the process of preparing and transporting the mailbox to your residence is befit of a work of art.

The fine details of integrating a customized, personal Whitehall mailbox address plaque or Whitehall house numbers upon your post mount or wall mount Whitehall mailbox serves not only as way for the mail carrier to identify your mailbox but also as an attractive locational sign for your guests, helping them to find your home.

Additionally, in order to protect the finish of your new Whitehall mailbox during the shipping process, The MailboxWorks custom heat seals every Whitehall mailbox package in flexible plastic film and professionally tracks your shipment from our warehouse to your home’s front door.

You can order both post mount and wall mount Whitehall mailboxes in three attractive finishes:

  • Classic Black
  • Attractive White
  • Or Unique French Bronze

Customize Whitehall Post Mount Mailboxes

To customize your post-mount mailbox work of art, point your browser to The MailboxWorks and create your unique, personalized mailbox in a fun, quick, eight-step process that opens the doors to all the possibilities.  Or select the predetermined Whitehall mailbox package option.

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