Choosing the Perfect Multi Unit Mailboxes for Your Homeowner’s Association

December 31, 2012

Gaines Signature Keystone Mailbox Pentad PostNeighborhood leaders tasked with finding the best-suited residential multi unit mailboxes for their addition or subdivision have a crucial role in the aesthetics and functionality of their neighbor’s daily lives. Why? Because choosing multi family mailboxes (or multi tenant mailboxes) for an entire neighborhood is a decision that touches everyone nearly every day of the week. So, in order to choose the perfect multi unit mailboxes for your neighborhood, consider these three factors carefully:

  1. Quantity of Mailboxes Needed
  2. Mailbox Features
  3. Durability and Strength of Multi Mount Mailboxes

How Many Mailboxes per Unit

First, consider the number of multi unit mailboxes you wish to mount per unit. Typically, the more multi mount mailboxes per unit, the less cost per installation especially when you consider installation costs. For example, installing fifty dual-mount mailboxes requires twice the time and labor effort as installing twenty-five quad-mount mailboxes.

Of course, for neighborhoods where homeowner convenience is paramount, the distance to one’s mailbox may be a key factor in homeowner acceptance of the new multi unit mailboxes.  But for neighborhoods where value is key one can install Multi Mount Mailboxes in a pentad mount system with a maximum of five mailboxes per unit. For example, consider the Gaines Decorative Signature Series mailboxes in the pentad mount design.

Multi Unit Mailboxes Features

Second, consider the key features your constituents value the most. Some multi mount mailboxes offer elegant address numbering, newspaper holders, and distinctive decorative features such as brass front plates and decorative post elements. Consider the functional needs of your homeowners first so that elegant multi mount mailboxes are not purchased without the necessary items your homeowners need. For example, some homeowner associations may purchase top-notch multi unit mailboxes that look especially elegant until some homeowners attach cheap, brightly colored newspaper holders to them, ruining their aesthetic..

Newspaper holders for multi mount mailboxes are also a great choice for all homeowner mailboxes where associations may receive flyers and invitations beyond official US mail. This way all flyers have a specific place to be delivered rather than be left haphazardly attached to front doors or upon doorsteps.

Quality of the Multi Unit Mailboxes

Third, consider the durability and strength of the multi unit mailboxes. At The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of residential multi mount mailboxes, this is an easy feat. All multi unit mailboxes sold by The MailboxWorks are of high quality design and manufactured for longevity.


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