Expert Advice: Commercial Mailboxes

Multi Tenant Mailbox Placement: Four Important Safety Factors

September 26, 2011
By locating your property’s commercial mailboxes in a circular or “U-grouping”, providing a well-lit area for these commercial mailbox groupings, ensuring that tenant identification numerals on the mailbox compartments do not correspond with the tenant units themselves, and by specifying extra high security units for commercial mailbox solutions that require CBU mailboxes, a developer or property manager can provide better tenant security and by default, increased tenant retention.

How to Number CBU Cluster Mailboxes

July 5, 2011
Best practices for numbering your CBU mailboxes are to avoid matching tenant unit numbers with tenant mailbox door identification numbers, to use simple and easy to communicate numbers so that tenants can share their address easily, and to consider the numbering as a part of the design elements of the CBU units to maximize attractiveness.

An Emerging Trend: Cell Phone Storage Lockers

June 28, 2011
As cell phones proliferate, the need for secure storage space for their users is rapidly increasing. The cell phone storage locker is a secure way for an organization to provide its patrons with the security and convenience they need when looking for a quick and safe place to store their mobile phone.

Mounting Options for 4C Commercial Mailboxes – Part 2

May 17, 2011
A key consideration in mounting a std 4c mailbox is where to locate it in the complex. While one trend is to centralize the units, in this article The MailboxWork’s experts share the values of multiple centralized locations for the 4c mailboxes.

Mounting Options for 4C Commercial Mailboxes – Part 1

May 10, 2011
A key consideration in mounting a std 4c mailbox is where to locate it in the complex. One trend is to create a common space where tenants can establish relationships among each other and hence lift tenant retention rates for the apartment or building owners.

Choosing the Perfect Commercial Mail Drop Box

April 25, 2011
Commercial mail drop boxes provide safe, secure transfers of important customer items for your business’ needs. To purchase the best commercial mail drop box for your business, one should consider four factors: location, capacity, security and access.

8 Reasons 4C Commercial Mailboxes Are a Top Buy Today

April 18, 2011
The US Postal Service’s list of reasons behind the regulatory change to 4C Commercial Horizontal Mailboxes also provides excellent insight into why the 4C mailboxes are a top buy for commercial mailbox buyers today.

No Cell Phones Allowed

November 5, 2010
With security concerns in this day and age more and more places are not allowing cell phones. The cell phone storage locker is the perfect solution so that institutions that prohibit cell phones could provide a secure and safe place to store their patron’s phones.

New Trends in Commercial Mailbox Products: The Story of the 4C

May 19, 2010
While the typical rural mailbox works well for suburban neighborhoods, it falls short in meeting the burgeoning needs of city life. As skyscraper condos, apartment buildings, and multi-floor office buildings grew taller, a demand for mailboxes in limited spaces emerged. Thus, mailbox design experts, following the strict guidelines of the United States Postal Service (USPS), began to cluster mailboxes together for the collection and distribution of mail in multi-family residences and tall office buildings