Upgrading Commercial Mailboxes During Renovations

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Florence 4C Pedestal MailboxesOne of the most overlooked aspects of a commercial building renovation or new construction project is the opportunity to upgrade the site’s commercial mailboxes.

In this article by The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading supplier of commercial mailboxes, you’ll find some helpful tips to successfully transition or upgrade your commercial building mailboxes during construction or renovations.

Check with Your Local Postmaster

Whether your site has outdoor or indoor, pedestal or surface mounted commercial mailboxes, the launch of a new construction project or renovation provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade one’s commercial mail delivery by integrating commercial cluster mailboxes into the construction project.

While new construction is certainly easier, as there is no ongoing mail delivery process to be transitioned, mailbox delivery upgrades for renovations can be successfully managed by discussing two key commercial mailbox transitions with your local postmaster:

  1. Transitioning from current to temporary commercial mailboxes
  2. Re-location of the new commercial building mailboxes

Transitioning from Current to Temporary Commercial Mailboxes

The first transition to discuss with your postmaster is the one that most project managers either forget or make it low on the priority list, and that is the transition from your current commercial mailboxes to your temporary commercial cluster mailboxes.

New construction and renovations invariably creates havoc for regular mail delivery. Often safety considerations for the project means limited access to the indoor or outdoor cluster mailboxes (or no access at all), depending on their location to the construction.

In many scenarios, commercial cluster mailboxes are removed during the demolition schedule. In such instances, planning must be done to consider where mail delivery will take place during the interim period, when construction is ongoing and there is limited or no access to the project’s commercial mailboxes.

Experienced project managers suggest that the temporary relocation be positioned safely away from the renovation or construction to reduce the potential for injury to one’s tenants, the mail carrier, and the public.

In all such instances, it is wise to consider a few safe locations for the temporary commercial cluster mailboxes and then present such proposals to one’s local postmaster for their approval prior to mailbox installation.

Re-location of the New Commercial Building Mailboxes

The second transition to discuss with your local postmaster is the one that has likely been submitted for approval to your local and state building officials, which is the actual new location of the new or relocated commercial building mailboxes.

Yet, even though the local and state building officials have approved the new location for one’s commercial mailboxes, it is still strongly recommended that one also seek the input and approval of one’s local postmaster.

It is suggested that in this second transition, one should meet twice with the local postmaster.

  1. First, it is recommended that one meet with the postmaster before the project’s launch to gain approval for the final location of the new or relocated commercial mailboxes.
  2. Second, since many months often transpire between the initial approval and the final commercial mailbox installation, it is advisable to touch base again with one’s local postmaster prior to the transition from the temporary location over to the previously approved new commercial mailbox

Strong communication will provide smooth transitions from one location to the next but the real coup de gras during renovations or construction is in upgrading the commercial building mailboxes.

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