Mini Cell Phone Storage Lockers for All Types of Businesses

April 29, 2014 2:23 pm

Florence Cell Phone Mini Storage Lockers

Today’s secure mini cell phone storage lockers are designed for commercial use in a variety of settings, from government buildings and courtroom entrances to office buildings, gymnasiums, private businesses, and any other settings where cell phones and other small electronic devices must be stored securely and safely.

Most organizations buy multiple cell phone storage lockers because they cannot risk irritating their patrons. And most certainly do not want the liability of taking personal responsibility for a private and expensive electronic device.

According to the nation’s leading retailer, The MailboxWorks, what many organizations are now buying are secure Florence cell phone storage lockers.

Secure Phone Storage

With the proliferation of smart phones, providing Florence mini storage lockers is a way to secure these expensive personal items, which has become paramount for many governmental and courtroom organizations that do not allow their patrons to bring electronic devices into their facilities.

For example, just walk through the first security gate of the American Embassy in Riga, Latvia and you’ll need to leave your cell phone in the personal care of a clerk.

Or, try to enter the courthouse with a cell phone in Fort Wayne, Indiana and an officer of the law will create an instant dilemma for you; you can enter but your cell phone cannot. And no, they do not store cell phones for you.

What are your options? Do you hide your cell phone in the courthouse landscaping or attempt to rush back to your vehicle or office to lock it up before trying to re-enter the courthouse?

Today, even many sports clubs and gymnasiums are using Florence mini storage lockers because they prohibit cell phones from their locker rooms, since most mobile phones have camera and video camera features.

Regardless of the type of organization, or the organization’s size, treating patrons in a cavalier manner like the courtroom personnel in Fort Wayne, or assuming liability for patrons’ cell phones like the Embassy clerks in Riga just isn’t an option or a risk worth taking.

The market has responded to this growing need for cell phone and mobile storage locker cabinets and now one can buy Florence cell phone storage lockers with as little as 3 doors or purchase something as big as a sixty door cell phone storage cabinet.

Types of Cell Phone Storage Lockers

Florence cell phone storage lockers are available in a variety of styles and constructed of heavy gauge anodized aluminum. These mini storage lockers can be purchased in eleven different finishes designed to complement practically any décor.

Patron Loading – Some cell phone storage lockers can be loaded by the patron from the front of the unit using a locker key or user-defined combination lock (or the user’s own lock).

Valet Loading – Other Florence cell phone storage lockers can be loaded by a valet or clerk from the rear of the unit.

Master Door – Front loading cell phone storage lockers are also available with a master door and master door lock that allows for quick access by the organization to all the lockers at the same time.

Wristband Key Chains – These are also available for organizations that provide a key to their patrons.

Name Slots or Black Fill Engraving – This may be done on each secure cell phone locker door and can be added for organizations desiring to customize these aspects of their cell phone storage locker cabinets.


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