5 Hidden CBU Mailboxes Features

August 25, 2017

Florence CBU Mailbox FeaturesIn 2005, the United States Postal Service (USPS) introduced a new standard for centralized mail delivery systems with 5 new CBU mailbox features that were standouts.

Auth Florence cluster box units (CBU mailboxes) replaced the NDCBU (neighborhood delivery collection box units) that pioneered the convenience of centralized mail delivery to neighborhoods and businesses.

While many improvements to the newly designed CBU mailboxes were immediately evident, there are at least five significant CBU mailbox features worth noting. At first glance these improvements may go unnoticed but include:

  • Sloped mailbox roof with front drip edge
  • High-security cluster mailbox construction
  • Protective powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty cam locks
  • Professional installation is now available

1. Sloped CBU Mailbox Roof

At first glance, CBU mailboxes may appear to have a flat roof. Yet, unlike its predecessor, the roof of the new USPS-approved CBU mailbox (regardless of the specific model) has been engineered with a slight slope. This allows rainwater to sheet off the rear of the CBU mailbox roof surface. The mailbox design engineers also added a clever drip edge to the front of the CBU mailbox roof. The drip edge helps to protect the tenant mail slots from possible dripping rainwater. In fact, the combination of a rear-sloping roof and a front drip-edge helps to prevent rainwater from dripping when the tenant or mail carrier opens the mailbox doors.

2. High-Security Cluster Mailboxes

Second in line with the 5 new CBU mailbox features is improved security, which may not be immediately obvious. CBU mailboxes are high-security cluster mailboxes, designed and manufactured to specifically help prevent mail theft and vandalism. Florence mailbox designers cleverly eliminated any possible pry sites. Thieves and vandals won’t be able to use a crowbar to access the CBU cluster mailbox unit. Additionally, the outgoing mail slot has two unique design features. The sloped hood helps to keep out inclement weather as well as the prying fingers of a thief. And inside, there’s an anti-fish comb designed to prevent thieves from using tools or wire hangers to manipulate the mail out of the CBU mailbox.

3. Protective Powder Coat Finish

Another of the improved Florence CBU mailbox features is a tough protective powder coat finish. The CBU mailbox powder coating provides protection against all kinds of poor weather conditions. It’s also highly scratch resistant and helps to minimize the effects of graffiti and vandalism.

Florence CBU Mailbox Tenant Door Lock4. Heavy Duty Cam Locks

A fourth major design feature that isn’t so obvious at first is the use of anti-theft heavy-duty cam locks with latches that keep each tenant’s mailbox door securely closed. For additional security, these tough cam locks are also zinc-plated and a standard feature on all Auth Florence CBU mailboxes. The Mailboxworks also carries a full line of CBU mailbox replacement parts including replacement locks, keys, hinge rods, and even CBU replacement doors.

5. CBU Mailbox Installation Services

The fifth advantage is that CBU installation services are now available and can be purchased at the same time you order your new CBU mailboxes from The MailboxWorks. Three installation options (based on how the pedestal is to be installed) are now possible:

Option A: The installer uses existing anchor bolts to mount the pedestal

Option B: The installer mounts new anchor bolts into existing concrete that previously did not have anchor bolts

Option C: The installer removes existing older anchor bolts and replaces them with new ones

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