Commercial Vertical Mailboxes: Ideal for Remodeling Projects

July 1, 2014

Florence Vertical MailboxesFor remodeling projects or simple replacement of older poorly functioning commercial mailboxes, Florence vertical mailboxes, available at The MailboxWorks, provide an excellent solution.

Architects, property managers and construction managers consistently specify Florence vertical mailboxes for the replacement of existing multi-tenant and apartment mailboxes for these six distinct reasons:

  1. Budget
  2. Mailbox Size
  3. Mailbox Strength
  4. Versatile Installation
  5. High Security
  6. Push Doorbell Option

Budget Commercial Mailboxes

The first reason vertical cluster mailboxes are a favored mailbox solution is that they provide significant savings for budget conscious developers and building managers.  In just a few moments, one can pull out an old, tired unit and replace that set of vertical mailboxes with an attractive and fully functioning commercial vertical mailbox unit.

Large Vertical Mailboxes

The second reason Florence vertical mailboxes are an excellent solution for mailbox replacement is the large size of each tenant’s individual mailbox.  As our culture migrates more and more towards an online marketplace, the size of one’s vertical mailbox matters.  Small mailbox capacity requires one’s postal carrier to either leave your valuable delivery in an unsecure location or require you spend unnecessary time to pick up your excess mail and packages at your local post office.  So as your tenants and postal carriers note the size of your vertical mailboxes, the very size brings an immediate smile of relief since every mailbox compartment is more than five times taller than standard commercial mailboxes.

Vertical Mailboxes are Well Built

Developers, architects, and builders who specify vertical mailboxes for their tenant applications or remodeling projects are always relieved to know the mailbox doors and trim of vertical mailboxes are well constructed of heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, which means extended equipment life spans. Additionally, the aluminum is grooved to resist scratching. For building managers, the striated mailbox surface provides a reduction in ongoing maintenance costs as well as one less property issue to be concerned about.

Vertical Mailboxes are Versatile

Fourth, vertical mailboxes are quite versatile when it comes to commercial mailbox installation.  Typically, to reduce the invasive impact of mailboxes sprawling into the valuable square footage of one’s lobby or mailroom, recessed vertical mailboxes are most often used.  Yet, this is not the only commercial mailbox mounting option.  Surface mounted vertical mailboxes can be utilized in settings where the typical recessed vertical mailboxes cannot be accomplished. In these settings, a surface-mounting kit or a semi-recessed mailbox kit can be specified so that the sides of the wall mounted vertical mailboxes can match the rest of the chosen aluminum finish color.

USPS 4B+ Security Kit

The fifth reason for choosing vertical apartment mailboxes is for applications where additional security is a concern. These USPS vertical mailboxes feature a USPS 4B+ security kit as standard equipment. This security kit features a reinforced master door with a 5-pin cylinder lock.

Optional Push Doorbell

Finally, Florence vertical mailboxes from The MailboxWorks can also be specified with an optional doorbell push button directly on each tenant’s mailbox, at a minimal cost for the standard anodized aluminum finish and for no cost at all when specifying one of the beautiful ten powder coat mailbox finishes.

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