The Surprising Benefits of Address Lawn Markers

September 8, 2014

Lawn Marker Address PlaquesFor homeowners looking to ensure their residential property can easily be found and identified, The MailboxWorks offers a wide selection of lawn markers, home address plaques that provide both instant and appealing solutions.

In this article, the experts at The MailboxWork offer seven distinct benefits that separate lawn markers from other types of address plaques and address identification systems.

  1. Installing lawn address markers is easy and fast
  2. You can choose the best location for your lawn marker
  3. Lawn markers can be relocated at will
  4. Add lawn markers as companions to wall mounted address plaques
  5. Easy address identification for emergency response vehicles
  6. Customize your lawn marker with address and street identification
  7. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes

Easy & Quick Lawn Marker Installation

First, lawn markers provide an attractive address identification solution with the fastest installation time.  Many of the lawn markers carried by The MailboxWorks require no tools to install and those that utilize lawn stakes at the bottom of the lawn address marker can be inserted into most soils in just a second or two.  Even lawn markers that are post-mounted are simple, quick and easy to install.

You Choose the Best Lawn Marker Location

Second, unlike their counterpart address plaques that must be installed on a wall or other such surface, lawn markers allow homeowners to place their address identification plaque in the most convenient and effective location.

As many homeowners know well, wall-mounted address plaques often mean the plaque is mounted too far away from the street or in too dark of a location, which makes it challenging for guests to find the homeowner’s residence.

The lawn stake design of lawn makers means the lawn address sign can be installed close-to-the-street, in a well-lit location that ensures guests can find one’s home.

Relocate Your Lawn Marker As Needed

Third, lawn markers can be relocated over and over again in just a few seconds.

Counter to wall-mounted address plaques that are more permanently affixed, house number lawn markers can be moved a near infinite number of times.  Because of this versatility in relocation, savvy homeowners can move their lawn address markers several times to dial in the absolute best location for their lawn markers.

Lawn Markers Can Complement Wall Address Plaques

Fourth, lawn markers can be used not just as a replacement for wall mounted address plaques but also as a companion to them.  By utilizing both address identification systems, homeowners provide their guests even more ease in finding and identifying their home address.

Reflective Lawn Markers for Easy Identification

Fifth, reflective lawn markers are an excellent property identification system for emergency response vehicles and, in an emergency, might very well save lives.

Consider the plight of a family needing an ambulance to respond to a heart attack or other life-threatening emergency. Without a strong address identification system like a reflective lawn marker, the ambulance driver may waste key life-saving minutes trying to locate the home of the afflicted person.  Lawn markers are also available with solar-powered lighting options to provide even greater visibility for emergency personnel.

Lawn Address Markers Can Include Street Names

Sixth, many lawn markers can also provide street name identification in addition to house number identification. This can be both a comforting and critical benefit to those who are trying to identify a home on a confusing corner or intersection of two streets.  Some lawn markers address plaques even have a place for one’s family name to provide even greater comfort to one’s guests.

Customize the Lawn Marker Shape, Style, Color & Finish

Seventh, address lawn markers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and finishes in order to match or contrast with the architectural style of the homeowner’s residence.

For contemporary lawn address plaques, take a look at either the Gaines lawn markers or the Whitehall lawn markers, available as oval, rectangle, round, and arched lawn address plaques, among other shapes and finishes. These attractive, decorative lawn marker options allow the homeowner to provide a wonderful first impression to his or her guest.


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