Commercial Mailboxes – Psychology Behind Tenant Behavior

June 2, 2015

Florence 16 Door CBU MailboxUnderstanding the psychology behind a person’s behavior – how they think or feel, how they are influenced by their surroundings, and how they are motivated to make a decision; this has always been the goal of advertising and marketing.

So for builders, developers, and property managers interested in buying commercial mailboxes, it’s important for them to understand that people exhibit two levels of behavior:

  1. Individual behavior
  2. Behavior influenced by the context of a group

Multi unit apartments, residential complexes, and commercial developments with multiple tenants are all specifically designed to have a positive psychological (and sociological) impact on both individuals and crowds.

In the same manner, by their very design, multi unit commercial mailboxes, (available at The MailboxWorks) will also affect the psychology of the individuals and communities that utilize them.

Builders, developers, and property managers then, should consider the psychological aspects of these three key commercial mailbox components and utilize them in their projects.

  1. Mailbox Placement
  2. Mailbox Color
  3. Mailbox Options

Placement of Commercial Mailboxes

First, the placement of commercial mailboxes within the community; whether it’s a centralized mail delivery system or mailboxes scattered throughout the complex – this will have a distinct psychological affect upon the social fabric of those utilizing the commercial mailboxes.

When commercial mailboxes are installed in numerous locations in a neighborhood or complex, there are far fewer chances for social interaction in that community when picking up one’s mail. So, for developers seeking to create a neighborhood where privacy is a key value or where individuals would feel the most comfortable, the placement of commercial mailboxes in multiple locations might be best.

Yet, when commercial mailboxes are clustered in one centralized mail delivery area, it helps to develop more of a community feeling since the chances of running into another tenant or neighbor are significantly higher.

To improve the possibilities for increased social interaction some developers will even place their cluster commercial mailboxes near popular tenant amenities such as a gift shop, gymnasium, or play area.

Commercial Mailboxes Color

The second way to influence the psychology of individuals and communities is with the commercial mailboxes color choice.

Builders looking to “quiet” the neighborhood might consider ordering their commercial mailboxes in a color choice that is most likely to blend into the architecture or landscape of the community. By making a monochromatic mailbox color choice, property managers create a community where little attention is paid to the act of retrieving one’s mail.

On the other hand, by choosing commercial mailboxes in a contrasting color, builders and developers draw the eye of the community to the commercial mailboxes in such a way that a trip to the mailboxes becomes “an event” rather than just a mundane chore.

Options for Commercial Mailboxes

Your choice of mailbox options is the third way to utilize commercial mailboxes to influence the psychology of individuals and communities.

For example, commercial mailboxes with a parcel drop delivery box provide a much more efficient and safe manner for tenants to receive and ship their parcels.

Even just this one convenient addition is an option that translates into a community where home-based business entrepreneurs tend to hive and thrive.

Final thoughts:  Like all decisions made concerning the United States Postal Service (USPS), it is always wise to check with your local postmaster concerning their preferences for mailbox accessories chosen and how your commercial mailboxes are placed or grouped upon your properties.

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