A Primer on Florence 1400 Series 4B+ Horizontal Mailboxes

June 19, 2017

Florence 1400 Postal Horizontal Commercial MailboxesAuth Florence 4B Mailboxes

Your best options are USPS approved Auth Florence 4B mailboxes if you are a developer or property manager dealing with replacing your centralized mail delivery system. To replace your broken or outdated horizontal mailboxes take a look at the 1400 Series front loading Florence 4B+ mailboxes with A doors.

Auth Florence 4B mailboxes are designed specifically for installation as centralized mail delivery for apartment complexes and multi-tenant structures (that are not going through a major renovation). These 4B+ horizontal mailboxes are designed to slide directly into the existing rough opening space that the previous horizontal mailbox unit was removed from (as long as major modifications are not needed).

For new construction and major renovations, the USPS requires the installation of 4C horizontal mailboxes instead of the Auth Florence 4B mailboxes. See our MailboxWorks article entitled Horizontal Mailboxes Applications.

All developers, architects, and property managers are encouraged to contact their local postmaster to ensure whether 4C or 4B+ horizontal mailboxes are required for their renovation project.

Florence Horizontal Finish OptionsColor Finishes of Auth Florence 4B Mailboxes

The MailboxWorks is North America’s largest online supplier for commercial mailboxes. We offer developers and property managers the choice of eight additional powder coating finishes that really dress up these 4B+ mailbox units.

Made from anodized aluminum, the 1400 series Auth Florence 4B mailboxes are constructed for applications that are best complimented with a different color than aluminum. This makes it easier to match the centralized mail delivery system with the color scheme and décor of apartment lobbies and multi-tenant common spaces.

Available colors for 4B+ horizontal mailboxes include antique bronze, dark bronze, gold speck, silver speck, postal grey, sandstone, white, and black.

4B+ Mailbox Door Options

Depending on the application, the 1400 series Auth Florence 4B mailboxes are also offered in twelve different sizes based on the number of tenant doors required including:

35 door                 30 door                    28 door

25 door                 24 door                    21 door

20 door                 18 door                    15 door

14 door                 12 door                    10 door

The MailboxWorks also offers installation cut-sheets for each size, which are available in PDF format for immediate download.  The cut sheets provide installers with exact product dimensions, as well as recommendations for the rough-cut opening.

Additional 4B+ Mailboxes Features

All Auth Florence 4B mailboxes come equipped with an easy access master door that provides the postal carrier with quick access to all the tenant mailboxes at the same time.

The master door includes a master arrow lock, which is only accessible by the USPS. The master lock has a latching 5-pin cylinder cam to ensure maximum security and to deter vandals. Each tenant mailbox door also comes with a set of 2 mailbox keys.

The 1400 series horizontal mailboxes also come with built-in trim to allow for quick installations.  Additionally, The MailboxWorks offers free engraving for tenant door identification numbers or the 4B+ mailboxes can be shipped with the standard clear plastic number decals.

You can find Install Manuals for the 1400 Series 4B+ mailboxes here.

Free Shipping & Bulk Order Discounts

For projects that require more than one horizontal mailbox unit, the product specialists at The MailboxWorks offer significant discounts for quantities of two to five units (and even more significant discounts for quantities of six or more).

Additionally, The MailboxWorks offers free shipping on the 1400 series Auth Florence 4B mailboxes with no taxes for all states except Illinois.

Florence 1400 series 4B+ horizontal mailboxes are made with high-quality materials and designed to last. They are backed by Florence Manufacturing’s industry stunning five-year product warranty.

If, at any time, you need any 4B+ mailbox replacement parts, contact The MailboxWorks. We not only sell brand new Auth Florence 4B mailboxes but also all the horizontal mailboxes replacement parts needed to keep your centralized mail delivery system functioning well and looking great.

If you need assistance or still have questions about the 1400 series Auth Florence 4B mailboxes, please call 1-866-717-4943 or send us an email.


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