4 Reasons Tenants Welcome Cluster Residential Mailboxes

January 24, 2019

Florence 8 Door CBU MailboxSecurity, versatility, and price are just a few of the reasons why developers and property managers prefer cluster residential mailboxes. After all, cluster mailboxes are utilized in a variety of residential settings from apartment complexes, condos, and multi-family units, to colleges and university dorms.

However, tenants also recognize the advantages that cluster residential mailboxes provide. From an end-user point of view, those advantages include:

  1. High level of mailbox security
  2. The convenience of parcel lockers
  3. The convenience of an outgoing mail slot
  4. Availability of cluster mailbox replacement parts

Secure Cluster Mailboxes

USPS-approved Florence cluster mailboxes (aka CBU mailboxes) are widely considered to be the most secure centralized mail delivery system for mail as well as residential parcel delivery.

These are high-security cluster mailboxes that feature:

Welded Seams – Florence cluster residential mailboxes are constructed of heavy-duty extruded aluminum that is welded together (rather than riveted, which can be easily pried open).

Stainless Steel Hinges – The mail delivery master door and tenant compartment doors are designed to swing open wide (up to 360 degrees) thanks to the tough wrap-around stainless steel hinges.

5-Pin Cylinder Cam Locks – All cluster mailbox units come standard with durable five-pin cylinder cam locks to further ensure tenant mail security and minimize mail theft.

Mail theft and identity theft have become increasing problems in North America. However, the quality of the manufacturing and the added mailbox security features on these cluster residential mailboxes help to instill a high level of confidence for mailbox owners.

Parcel Lockers

Although not often found on standard mailboxes, parcel lockers are required on Florence cluster mailbox units.

Up to 4 Parcel Lockers per CBU Unit – Cluster residential mailboxes can be ordered with up to four parcel lockers. They allow the postal carrier to place small packages into the parcel locker for tenant pickup (packages that would not otherwise fit into a tenant mailbox).

Key-Trapping Lock – Once the postal carrier places the package into the parcel locker, the parcel locker key is placed in the tenant’s mailbox to signal a package delivery. After the tenant utilizes that key to open the parcel locker door, the key remains trapped securely in the USPS-approved lock and can only be removed by the postal carrier.

Cluster mailbox tenants appreciate the convenience of the parcel lockers as well as knowing that their packages will be safely and securely held until they are retrieved.

Outgoing Mail Slot

In decades past, the ubiquitous blue collection mailbox could be found on many street corners. As these blue receptacles have become less present in our culture, many tenants struggle to know where to place their outgoing mail.

Standard Mailbox Feature – Tenants welcome the convenience of having an outgoing mail slot as a standard feature on their cluster residential mailboxes. The outgoing mail slot is also protected and designed to prevent would-be thieves from mail fishing. An optional seal for further restrictions on access to outgoing mail is also available.

Florence CBU Parcel Locker Lock KitCluster Mailbox Replacement Parts

A fourth well-appreciated feature of Florence cluster residential mailboxes is the availability of mailbox replacement parts.

In the unfortunate event that mailbox keys are stolen or lost, or if the mailbox compartment door becomes damaged or vandalized, cluster mailbox replacement parts can be ordered online through MailboxWorks.

About The MailboxWorks

The MailboxWorks has been a trusted commercial mailbox supplier since 1989. We’ve grown to be one of North America’s leading online retailers for commercial and residential mailboxes.

If you would like more information about cluster residential mailboxes or have a question, you can reach one of our mailbox experts by calling toll-free at 1-866-717-4943 or sending us an email.


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