Choosing the Right Commercial Mail Drop Box

September 3, 2013

Oasis Drop Box Standard PostFor both package delivery and daily mail delivery, residents and business tenants alike can rely on a commercial mail drop box from the MailboxWorks to provide a secure and convenient solution.

But the vast array of choices in commercial mail drop boxes can make selecting the right drop box mailbox for your application a challenge.

In this article, we’ll explore the three primary decision points to consider in choosing the right commercial mail drop box mailboxes for your property or properties. These three primary decision points include:

  1. Volume of mail
  2. Retrieve your mail from front or back
  3. Mailbox height

Volume of Mail & Packages

First, consider the volume of mail you’ll be receiving and the typical size of packages you expect to be delivered.

For private mail delivery and low mail volume with no consideration of package delivery, consider the Auth Florence vertical mailboxes (aka Aluminum Vertical 120 Collection boxes).

For modest mail volume with the ability to receive small packages, consider the Oasis Locking Drop Box or the post mounted dVault mailbox.

For heavy mail volume and modest size packages, consider the Versatile Standard Pedestal drop box, the dVault drop box, or the innovative Elephantrunk parcel drop box by Architectural Mailboxes.

Architectural Mailboxes Elephantrunk Parcel DropHow Do You Want to Retrieve your Mail?

Second, consider whether you wish to retrieve the mail and packages on the same side that they are delivered (street side) or on the reverse side of the commercial drop box.

Most locking drop box mailboxes provide what is commonly called front access, that is, a locking door that allows you to retrieve your mail and packages from the same side as where they are delivered.

Examples of these front access drop box mailboxes are myriad and include the Oasis drop boxes, dVault post mount drop boxes, Versatile drop boxes, and Architectural Mailboxes Elephantrunk drop boxes.

For rear drop box mailbox access, the brand option is limited to two dVault drop box options.

Desired Mailbox Height

Third, consider the height of the commercial mail drop box.

Many tenants and mailbox users prefer to retrieve their mail and packages without having to bend over and by simply opening the drop box door at chest height. This allows the one retrieving the contents of the drop boxes to see inside the commercial mailbox unit without having to stoop or bend their knees.

Mailbox users such as these should consider a commercial drop box mailbox that is mounted on a post like the Oasis pedestal mount drop box and the dVault post mount mailbox, both of which stand 40” tall.

For those wanting a commercial drop box that is even taller, Versatile pedestal mounted drop boxes are ideal, standing at 56” tall.

For users who are not concerned with the height of the drop box mailbox, the MailboxWorks has plenty of choices available.


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