Secure Drop Boxes and Mail Collection Boxes

Drop Boxes and Collection Boxes

Our fully customizable Wall Mount Drop Boxes and Collection Boxes are sturdy and long-lasting. These commercial mailboxes solutions can be installed in a variety of settings such as offices, retail stores, and government buildings, to be used as secure payment drop boxes, book drops, or after hour drop boxes.

Commercial Drop Box and Collection Box Applications

Auth Florence Collection Boxes meet USPS regulations and come ready for postal master lock installation to allow for postal use. Collection Boxes can also be used for non-postal purposes both in business offices and multi-family dwellings.

Pedestal and Free Standing Commercial Drop Boxes

MailboxWorks’ line of drop boxes accommodates high volumes of outgoing mail, metered mail, and even secures unattended payment and package deliveries. Options for mail drop boxes and collection boxes include:

• Locking Wall Mount Collection Boxes
• Wall Mount Package Receiving Drop Boxes
• Letter Slots with Locking Collection Boxes
• Pedestal & Free Standing Drop Boxes

Choose secure mail drop boxes from popular mailbox manufacturers such as Auth Florence Manufacturing, Architectural Mailboxes, dVault, and Oasis.

Wall Mount Drop Boxes and Collection Boxes

MailboxWorks carries a variety of standard locking wall mount collection and drop boxes for securing letters, packages, books, or other commonly ‘dropped off’ items. Choose from front receiving or rear receiving wall mount drop boxes in stylish designs including European, Lunada, and Metropolis.

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At MailboxWorks, we can custom engrave your commercial drop box or collection box to signal its intended purpose, such as engraving US Mail or Outgoing Letters.

For assistance with customization or for answers to any other questions you may have about these secure drop box solutions, please:

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