How to Relocate Commercial Mailboxes to Foster Tenant Relationships & Tenant Retention

September 11, 2013

Florence 16 Door Traditional CBU MailboxIn decades past, many older tenant properties were designed to hide commercial mailboxes because of the sheer lack of aesthetic these commercial cluster mailboxes offered.

Whether installed as free standing exterior commercial mailboxes or wall mounted interior cluster box mailboxes, one of the most impactful yet overlooked design areas has been where the mailboxes were located.

Yet often, building managers and property owners who are seeking ways to maximize tenant retention and property values will retain an architect to redesign and upgrade their property’s common spaces without giving much thought to the commercial mailbox location.

This is unfortunate because today, with the wide array of cluster mailbox design choices and colors among commercial mailboxes, these common area elements can be brought out front and center in the design process and often with a resounding positive effect upon tenant retention.

Tenant retention is not just about lease agreement terms and discounted rates. More often than not, tenants will pay higher rates to be closer to friends or to avoid moving away from those they care about.

So, to ensure your renovation project maximizes tenant retention, consider how those friendships get started.

More often than not, relationships between tenants begin when the developer creates opportunities for those tenants to come into regular contact with each other.

And a wise property manager understands that the location of the property’s commercial mailboxes is one of the most important factors in ensuring that tenants “bump into each other.”

For property owners wishing to relocate their commercial mailboxes (whether indoors or outdoors) consider grouping the commercial cluster mailboxes in such a way that residents face each other when gathering their mail.

So, rather than locating all the commercial mailboxes along the various walls of the room or along the exterior walls of the property, consider grouping most of the commercial mailboxes in the center of the room and leaving the walls adorned with artwork.

Then, as tenants turn the key in their mailbox, they will be able to see the faces of other tenants turning the key in their mailboxes.

The placement of commercial mailboxes in center wheel clusters such as these will foster communication among tenants, which of course, fosters growing relationships, which in turn provides a strong motivating factor for the tenants to re-sign their lease.

Another tactic for locating commercial cluster mailboxes in such a way as to foster tenant relationships (and hence tenant retention) is to consider the entry and exit paths one must take to retrieve their mail.

While it is far more efficient for tenants to enter the area where the commercial mailboxes are gathered and then exit along another path (perhaps towards their leased space), the efficiency gained by the expedient placement may be completely lost by the lack of tenant interaction.

When commercial mailboxes become a “location” with a common entry and exit path, tenants have twice the opportunity to “bump into each other”, which is a distinct advantage over the more expedient arrangement of placing the commercial mailboxes along their pathway.

Another idea to foster tenant relationships is to place a waste receptacle in such a way that it causes the tenant to turn 90 to 180 degrees from their mailbox to sort through their mail and toss the obvious junk mail into the garbage.

This waste receptacle can be easily ordered with the commercial mailboxes from The MailboxWorks, as a part of the initial sale and it is highly appreciated by tenants as a convenience.

The bonus for the property manager or owner is simply this: when sorting through the contents of one’s mailbox to toss the junk mail, one can easily engage and sustain a friendly conversation with a fellow tenant.  And the variety of mail offers plenty of fodder for conversation starters.

Be sure, however, to install the waste receptacle adjacent to the commercial mailboxes and in such a manner that the tenants can utilize the wastebasket while facing other tenant mailboxes. No conversations will happen when everyone is facing a wall.


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