Handmade Waterglass Studios Copper Mailbox

February 22, 2016 8:08 pm

Perfect Compliment to Your Frank Lloyd Wright Style Home

For homeowners seeking a residential mailbox that is reminiscent of the design philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of North America’s greatest and best-known architects, The MailboxWorks carries a number of beautiful handmade Waterglass Studios copper mailbox options in both wall mount and post mount.

Every Waterglass Studios copper mailbox is the perfect confluence of three of Frank Lloyd Wright’s major design styles including:

  • Linear-oriented textile style
  • Japanese influenced organic style (which lean heavily upon natural resources)
  • Wright’s initial prairie style design (which features low pitched roofs and overhanging eaves)

Waterglass Studio's Vertical Wall Mount MailboxWaterglass Studios Copper Mailbox With Cedar Post

As most homeowners know, it’s nearly impossible to purchase a new residential mailbox for one’s home that simply looks like it has always been there. But the Waterglass Studios handmade copper mailbox with cedar post does has that unique distinction: it looks like it has always just belonged.

This Waterglass Studios copper mailbox design relies on two simple natural resources, a handmade copper mailbox that is mounted upon a natural red cedar post. Together, they fit perfectly with Wright-like home styles that rely upon an “always been there” look and that begs for a mailbox that blends into the scenery.

Additionally, this post-mounted, handmade Waterglass Studios copper mailbox is crafted in a manner that allows the copper metal to oxidize to a wide range of finishes – from dark to light – so that each and every copper mailbox has a unique finish and becomes a one-of-a-kind fixture for the homeowners.

The low sweeping rooflines with overhanging eaves and the larger than normal interior mail space also successfully reflect the unique style of Frank Lloyd Wright. As well, the natural cedar post that the Waterglass Studios handmade copper mailboxes are mounted upon is also carefully made in such a way as to look as if it has always belonged in its surroundings. Smooth sawn from Western red cedar, this mailbox post is naturally resistant to insects and rot and will provide many years of long-lasting sturdy use.

Waterglass Studio's Horizontal Wall Mount MailboxWaterglass Studios Wall Mount Copper Mailboxes

For homeowners seeking a residential wall mount mailbox in a Frank Lloyd Wright style, The MailboxWorks offers two distinct choices for Waterglass Studios mailboxes:

  1. Horizontal copper mailbox
  2. Vertical copper mailbox

Both handmade wall mount copper mailboxes feature a slanted hinged top door that also echoes the Wright style and is designed to keep your mail dry no matter how bad the weather is. As one would expect, both also come with all necessary mailbox installation hardware.

Like the above post mount copper mailbox model, these wall mount Waterglass Studios mailboxes are also handcrafted from copper, which is then hand-burnished to oxidize into a natural finish to acquire that “always been there” look that is so desirable for stately residences.

As well, both the vertical and horizontal wall mount copper mailbox models develop a “one of a kind” look, as the burnished, oxidized copper takes on a wide variety of light to dark coloring.

The vertical Waterglass Studios copper mailbox also has a wonderfully convenient newspaper holder attached and this vertical style is available in three finishes: a burnished oxidized copper finish, a hammered copper finish, or hammered copper finish with Franciscan monk detailing.

The horizontal copper mailbox model is available in two finishes: a burnished oxidized copper finish and a hammered copper mailbox finish. You can learn more about Waterglass Studios on their website.

Please contact our mailbox experts at 1-866-717-4943 for more information about the Waterglass Studios copper mailbox.

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