The Top Six Most Popular Mailboxes of 2010

December 7, 2010

Gaines Maple Leaf Wall Mount Mailbox

Solid construction meets stunning design in one of the most popular mailboxes over the past four years:  the Gaines Maple Leaf Wall Mount Mailbox.  Many homeowners choose the Gaines Wall Mount because the maple leaf motif metal inset comes in three elegant finishes (antique brass, polished brass, or satin nickel) designed to coordinate to today’s front door hardware (doorknobs, doorbells, doorknockers, etc.).

The contrast between the eye-catching maple leaf inset on the Gaines Wall Mount mailbox and the more subdued cast-iron look mailbox (available in three finishes – white, bronze, or black matte) provides the perfect balance of accents to functionality.  And this large capacity Gaines mailbox is highly functional. It is spacious enough for magazines and small packages and an optional lockable insert can provide you peace of mind when away from home on vacation or extended weekends.

Plus, Gaines Wall Mount Mailboxes are easy to install with the included “easy to use template” and just two screws.  And, for homeowners looking for a complete look, the Gaines Wall Mount Mailbox can be paired perfectly with a Gaines House Mark address plaque.

Whitehall Wall Mount MailboxWhitehall Wall Mount Mailboxes

Great value punctuates this perennial residential mailbox favorite.  Cast from long-lasting yet lightweight aluminum the Whitehall Wall Mount Mailbox provides durability, spaciousness, and simple elegance.  A removable locking flap means you have options when it comes to keeping your mail secure and safe inside.  Whitehall Wall Mounts come with one heavy-duty lock and two keys.

Guaranteed rust-free, the Whitehall Wall Mount Mailboxes come in three attractive finishes:  black, bronze and white.  Pair the finish with an easy to assemble address plaque on the front of the mailbox and ensure your postal carrier delivers the mail to the right address.

Ecco 4 Wall Mount Mailboxes

Contemporary design and smart functionality are the top two traits of the Ecco 4 Wall Mount Mailbox. A sweeping curved frame and a protective layer of clear coat lacquer give these Ecco Wall Mount Mailboxes an upscale look.  Innovative functionality like the nine small peep holes at near the base of the Ecco Wall Mount mailbox allow Ecco 4 Mailbox buyers to see whether the mail has arrived without even opening their front door.   Stylish Ecco Address Plaques perfectly match these residential mailboxes for a well-coordinated front door entryway look.

Original Gaines Keystone Mailbox & Deluxe Post Package

One of the most popular mailbox packages year after year is the Gaines Keystone mailbox and deluxe post package.  Constructed of rustproof cast aluminum and covered with a powder coat finish makes the Keystone mailbox and deluxe post package practically maintenance free.

One of the major reasons the Gaines Keystone Mailboxes are so popular is that the color and accent combinations are nearly endless.  Door accents are made of either solid brass or nickel and the verde brass finish is a durable weathered brass patina finish.  Even the mailbox flag is customizable on this excellent Gaines mailbox and post package!

Deluxe post packages include the Keystone mailbox, Gaines Keystone mailbox post and all assembly hardware.  Optional newspaper holders and decorative cuffs for the post are also available for homeowners who want to distinguish their unique look.

Whitehall Superior Mailbox PackageWhitehall Superior Mailbox Package

Put your best foot forward with one of the most admired and best selling residential mailboxes of 2010:  the Whitehall Superior Mailbox package.  Whitehall mailboxes always make a strong first impression and enhance the curb appeal of your home.  And when the homeowner purchases the Whitehall Superior mailbox package, the decorative post and matching mailbox is stunning.

For homeowners who travel or delay getting their mail for a few days, one of the favorite features of the Whitehall Superior Mailbox package is it’s size:  it is able to hold multiple days worth of mail as well as larger packages.  Plus, no more rolled up and curled magazines!  The Whitehall Superior Mailbox is large enough for magazines to lay perfectly flat.

Many homeowners enjoy customizing the Whitehall Superior mailbox with personalized sides bearing their name or the home’s address.   Plus, if you move, the Whitehall Superior mailbox package is portable and easy to update with a new address.

Victorian Pedestal Mailboxes

All the quality of today’s rust proof cast aluminum and powder coated finishes meets the Victorian styles of yesteryear.   Eight different color combinations allow homeowners to customize a unique look that’s a perfect match for their residence.  Weighing in at 38 pounds, the Victorian Pedestal Mailbox is the heavyweight among the 2010 most popular mailboxes.  Avoid cheap imitations of this sturdy residential mailbox that weigh only half the weight the original Victorian Pedestal Mailbox offers.

Each Victorian Pedestal mailbox has a thin, inward swinging brass mail slot embossed with the word “Letters” and delivered mail is easily accessible from the locking rear access door (an optional non-locking thumb latch is available as well).

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