Mounting Options for 4C Commercial Mailboxes – Part 2

May 17, 2011

Florence 4C Pedestal MailboxesIn part one of this article series, The MailboxWorks introduced the first major trend for mounting commercial 4C Mailboxes. We reminded architects, builders, and equipment buyers that these versatile 4c mailbox suites, The MailboxWork’s Auth Florence mailboxes, could be an excellent investment rather than just a necessary cost if the location of the 4c commercial mailboxes is carefully considered.  In fact, tenant retention can be increased when architects and builders carefully consider where these STD 4c mailbox units are located.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

In part 1, we discussed the trend of centrally locating the 4c commercial mailboxes in an effort to develop community.  In this article, we will discuss another major trend in the location planning of custom 4c mailboxes:  creating multiple centralized communities of mailboxes in large apartment and office complex projects in order to increase tenant efficiency and convenience.

This second trend of creating multiple centralized communities of 4c mailboxes is used primarily in large-scale applications where other designed amenities and requirements echo a need for multiple centralized locations. For example, in tenant or office buildings where tenants drive up to their unit and park in exterior parking stalls, placing centralized mailboxes (4c commercial mailboxes) in the walkways between a tenant’s parking space and the tenant’s front door is a major efficiency booster and of great convenience for the tenant.

And it also enhances security as the walkways between parking spaces and tenant units are generally well lit and trafficked frequently – preventing mail thieves or vandals from damaging the STD 4c mailbox units.  Additionally, by placing the 4c mailboxes in a walkway that is accessed regularly by the tenant, the tenant’s mail is picked up with greater regularity, further deterring mail theft.

To mount the STD 4c mailbox units outdoors and in the traffic pattern of tenants, some architects design and call for the erection of outdoor walls to recess the STD 4c mailbox units. While this is a common solution, The MailboxWork’s Auth Florence mailboxes offer a much more attractive solution for the apartment or office property:  the versatile 4c mailbox suites (brand named Vario 4c mail shelters).

This fully customizable versatile mailbox suites shelter kit goes beyond the common recessed wall installation by providing a roof shelter that can be accessed from any side of the unit, protecting the 4c mailboxes from the elements as well as protecting the tenants when they stand beneath the shelter to drop off or retrieve their mail and packages.  This stunning design is the USPS preferred solution for centralized mail delivery and will bring a smile to the mail carrier that is also protected from the elements as he stands beneath the shelter to service all the centralized mailboxes.

The Vario mailbox shelters are strong enough to withstand 90 mph winds and extra strength units that withstand 150 mph hurricane-level winds can also be specified.

These versatile 4c mailbox suites are turnkey and The MailboxWork’s Auth Florence mailboxes supply all the materials necessary (except for roofing and siding materials) for the installation of your STD 4c mailbox units (the 4c mailboxes are purchased separately).  When built as a part of the apartment or office complex (or even when installed as a replacement or enhancement), the owner can specify that the builder uses roofing materials and siding materials to match or complement the complex.

When your application does not require a shelter, The MailboxWork’s Auth Florence Commercial Mailboxes offers a Vario Express product line that allows your builder to mount the 4c mailboxes to posts in a wide variety of configurations.

Additionally, to enhance your property’s security and to provide a strong sense of safety to your tenants, Auth Florence mailboxes also offers a LED lighting option that integrates into the shelter’s roof design.  Motion sensors activate the LED lights.  These sensors detect body heat so that lights are only used when tenants are present (reducing energy costs significantly).  Lighting strips by Auth Florence mailboxes can either be hard-wired into the versatile 4c mailbox suites’ shelter A/C power (when power is brought out to the units) or an optional solar kit can be utilized to properly power the lighting kit without the need for running power to the shelters.


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