Bringing the Mediterranean Home with Unique Mailboxes

April 11, 2011

Ecco 6 Locking Wall Mount MailboxMade popular in 1920’s and 1930’s in the warm climates of Florida and California, the Mediterranean Style Home or Office is well suited to indoor/outdoor lifestyles.  As you shop among Residential Mailboxes or Commercial Mailboxes for your home or office, consider first the origins of your Mediterranean styled home or office and keep in mind the five key features of this architectural style.

By studying the roots of your home or office’s architectural lineage and by knowing the key features that “make a style a style” you will be well prepared to choose the perfect mailbox for your home or office.

For example, by definition, while Mediterranean architecture is seen throughout Europe, the Americas, and North Africa, the architectural style emerged from the three northern countries that border the Mediterranean Sea:  Spain, France, and Italy.  Thus, a Mediterranean style home or office can also have strong Spanish, French Country, or Italian design elements that reflect that area’s distinctive features.  Fortunately, for the purposes of choosing residential mailboxes or commercial mailboxes, the similarities of these three designs are stronger than their contrasts.

As you shop residential mailboxes or commercial mailboxes for your Mediterranean style home or office, look for Mailboxes that either mirror these prominent Mediterranean features or compliment them in style:

  • First, stucco walls and the use of natural stone.
  • Second, hipped, low-pitched, clay tile or terra cotta colored roofs with wide, overhanging eaves often embellished with large brackets under the roofline.
  • Third, strong use of arches, columns, and turrets such as arched windows or portal surrounds, pergolas with column supports, and passages that connect the entrance and the interior of the home or office.  Italian entrances include vestibules built with arches and grand columns. Spanish entrances are often pergolas supported by dark heavy beams.
  • Fourth, indoor/outdoor design features such as properties that are fenced and gated for privacy to provide an exterior wall for outdoor living.
  • Fifth, the use of wrought iron to embellish grilles, doors, and/or windows.

Residential post-mounted mailboxes (also called curbside mailboxes) that mirror or compliment the Mediterranean style can be found extensively in your shopping endeavors since many of the front doors on post-mount mailboxes will nicely echo the arches in your Mediterranean home.  All of the Whitehall residential post mount mailboxes work well (Ultimate Whitehall mailboxes, Premium Whitehall mailboxes, Estate Whitehall Mailboxes, etc.).  The Coronado post mount mailboxes with deluxe mailbox posts also compliment Mediterranean styling as do the Keystone Mailboxes that feature a notched design around the mailbox door that is commonly seen in the stucco designs of many Mediterranean homes.

Additionally, you can hardly go awry with contemporary residential mailboxes (also called modern mailboxes) as especially the DaVinci Mailboxes and Mailbox Post package. The Bobi Grande Post Mount Mailbox with Bobi Round Post is also a stunning choice that echoes the use of arches and contemporary styling of Mediterranean architecture.  Keep the finishes and colors of your home or office in mind as you shop contemporary mailboxes.  If your Mediterranean home uses exterior stainless steel on the door or hardware finishes, consider stainless steel post mount mailboxes.

Wall mount mailboxes that go well with the Mediterranean style are: the Monet Decorative Wall Mount Mailbox, the entire line of Ecco Wall Mount Mailboxes, the striking designs of the Knobloch Wall Mount Mailboxes, the Dune-U Locking Through-the-Wall Mount Mailboxes and Dune Locking Wall Mount Mailboxes, the Hentzi Copper Locking Wall Mount Mailboxes (especially for Mediterranean homes with wrought iron features), the Stucco Wall Mount Mailboxes and Stucco-U Locking Through-the-Wall Mounted Mailboxes.

For column mounted mailboxes that provide a stunning first impression to Mediterranean architecture look first at the Stucco Column for Manchester Mailboxes.  This column and mailbox (and address plaque) is an exact match for Mediterranean architecture if your home or office uses stucco walls.  It can be painted to match or compliment your home or office’s exterior.  Additionally, for Mediterranean homes with stonework, consider building a stone column that matches your home’s stone use and mounting a large Oasis locking column mount mailbox inside.

Commercial mailboxes that echo the beauty of Mediterranean style are two-fold:  the CBU mailboxes adorned with a decorative kit that turns the pedestal into an attractive column or for tenant uses that require additional mailboxes, 4C commercial mailboxes enclosed in an Auth Florence Vario outdoor mail center.  The roofs of these centers can be tiled with terra cotta to match your office building’s roof tiles.

Shopping for commercial mailboxes or residential mailboxes for your Mediterranean home provides you with a wide variety of choices – however, there are styles you should veer away from:  Victorian, Vintage, Cedar Mailboxes, and Colonial styles.

Add Mediterranean Elegance to Your Entryway

Introduce the enchanting warmth of the Mediterranean to your home with a beautifully designed mailbox. Our Mediterranean-style mailboxes feature rustic charm, vibrant colors, and artisanal craftsmanship, making them more than just functional items—they’re a boost to your curb appeal. Ideal for those seeking to blend practicality with the timeless appeal of Mediterranean aesthetics. Discover the perfect Mediterranean mailbox at Mailbox Works to elevate your home’s entrance. For a touch of Mediterranean flair, shop our collection or contact us at 1-866-717-4943 for guidance.


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